Tsurutontan Soemoncho – Osaka, JP

Tsurutontan Soemoncho
3-17 Soemoncho, Chuo-ku
Osaka, Japan
Tel: 6-6211-0021

Situated within walking distance of the bustling areas of Dotonbori and Nanba in the city of Osaka, Tsurutontan is just one of many dining options available to visitors to the popular tourist area. With a craving for some authentic noodles, it turned out to be a welcome choice for some hungry travelers.


With an alluring entrance leading down a long alley to the front door, it felt like a bit of a time warp into a large wooden-laded space. With ample seating of many tables, we were soon seated in a quiet area with a long table under which we could dangle our feet into the hollowed out box below.


With many choices in a large menu booklet to choose from, my eyes were drawn to the large portioned “three taste” Tsurutontan hot udon dish. Richly topped with pieces of deep fried tempura, steamed eggs, and scallions, the bowl was enormous enough to feed two perhaps even three people!


The jidori chicken udon in comparison was much more subdued in both appearance and size. In both bowls, filled with a chewy, toothsome thick udon noodle, they easily captured the soup with each slurp.


For those looking for hot or cold noodle options, with rich hearty broths or more delicate and refined soups, Tsurutontan will meet your needs!

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