Delicias de Alicia – Burnaby, BC

Delicias de Alicia
4854 Imperial Street
Burnaby, BC
(604) 569-1575

Since the dawn of the ancient world, human beings have always flocked to establish settlements near sources of abundant and clean water.  For without this life providing and replenishing liquid, we would all perish.  Water brings with it the ability to generate all kinds of necessities, one of the most important being food and edible nutrients.  As you look around at the societies around the world and the relative priority they have placed on developing and maintaining a rich food culture, I for one feel that for the most part, those that are closer to the world’s oceans tend to have a slight edge in terms of the diversity and overall sense of pride that they have when it comes to their country’s food.  For landlocked regions can have their vegetables and four legged animals, but what is missing is the bounty of the seas.

Coupled with the actions of man through its exploration of the world’s seas and establishment of colonies in the New World, these places near water have benefited greatly from their interaction with a constant flow of new ideas, ingredients and more established Old World food cultures and has brought about some interesting hybrids.

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