Fairmount Bagel – Montreal, QC

The Original Fairmount Bagel Bakery
74 Avenue Fairmount Ouest
Montreal, QC
(514) 272-0667

Montreal’s first bagel bakery, continues the tradition with a time-tested recipe of  hand-rolling, and baking in a wood burning oven.  This is another perfect example of a single store, making one thing, really, really well.


I enjoy bagels, but growing up in Western Canada, my exposure to this carbohydrate packed treat has been limited to those available in grocery stores or the local donut shop.  When we arrived at this bagel factory, I’ll admit that we were overwhelmed with over 20 varieties to choose from.  So, we asked if the purveyor would choose a dozen of his favorites, plus a couple of the ones which just came out of the fire.

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Romania Country Bread – Richmond, BC

Romania Country Bread
3680 Moncton St
Steveston Village
Richmond BC
(604) 304-0170

I have a certain fascination for places that sell only one thing. You see this type of operation more often in other places in the world – Ramen-ya in Japan, Food stalls in South East Asia, Cheese, Yougurt, Sausage, and Ham makers all over Europe, etc. This type of specialization is quite rare here in North America where we value convenience when we shop for food.


Romania Country Bread is an extreme anomaly when you consider that this place is located in Richmond BC where strip malls, supermarkets and other types of convenience shopping abound. Romania Country Bread sells only one thing….their hearty Whole Wheat Loaf. (Well…they sell two things if you count a half-size version of this loaf.)

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