Cuu Long – Vancouver, BC

Cuu Long
3911 Knight Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 873-6926

This marks the beginning of a new series, which I am dubbing “Tasting with Tee“.  It will involve various outings and eating/drinking experiences with the man known as Tee.

Who’s Tee you ask?  Well, he’s a regular reader of Foodosophy, who’s been gracious enough to show me some new spots out of my usual range when it comes to Vancouver proper.  We all have our haunts and neighborhoods of comfort, and for me that means that I’m willing and able to go as “distant” as Main Street.  Anything beyond that towards the boundary of Burnaby has been a truly foreign territory for me.  Plus, I hate the drive.  Even the names of the intersecting roads along East Broadway and/or Kingsway are a mystery.  Tee’s been gracious to be my guide to the “far east”…

So with that, Tee suggested an outing for “meat on rice”.   Saying, “let’s go to Knight”, that instruction basically meant nothing to me.  It wasn’t until I saw a previously visited place nearby, that I sort of knew where I was.  Cuu Long (minus the funky accent mark) is a Vietnamese restaurant that is nothing flashy from the outside.  Parking right in front is limited to a precious few spots, otherwise its best to find a place in the side street just up the block.

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