88 Supermarket – Vancouver, BC

88 Supermarket
4801 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 876-2128

88 Supermarket is one of the many reasons why I feel privileged living in the East Side.

As an avid cook and general enthusiast in all things pertaining food, I’m always on the lookout for great sources for ingredients. When I am cooking Southeast Asian food, I would usually head on over to stock up.

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Bo Laksa King – Vancouver, BC

Bo Laksa King
4910 Joyce Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 339-0038

Each and every time I venture out to eat Southeast Asian food, I’m reminded of the fact that more and more time has passed since my last visit to that part of the world – which is now creeping up on a year and a half.  Fortunately here in Vancouver, there are ample opportunities to discover the tastes of that region that are relatively realistic and authentic (considering the constraints of sometimes difficult to source fresh ingredients).  Some Asian cuisines are more well known than others to most Canadians, and as a result when you try to cater to this crowd, you have to rely on those dishes that have stronger awareness while at the same time trying to sneak in lesser known thing to try and build up their exposure.  Taking a look at Bo Laksa King‘s concise, limited menu, it was clear to me they were having to follow this mould (referring to the stereotypical Thai, Malay, Singapore-influenced choices, with a bit of the male proprietor’s Burmese roots trickling in).

Skimming through the listings and looking to avoid a few things that have already been widely reported about online (such as the namesake laksa) and which I thought could hold up better as takeaway to be eaten later, I began with asking for a small order of the roti canai.  Made right in front of me at the counter with an electric griddle, it was interesting to see it come together.  A lot of slopping and turning of the dough, amplified by a generous amount of oil. Others have commented about this fact, and I can attest, it is a very greasy result in terms of the final product.  If you prefer your roti on the drier side, then this one will disappoint.

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