Culina Mill Creek – Edmonton, AB

Culina Mill Creek
9914 – 89 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 437-5588

Weekend brunch: 10am – 2pm

Set in a small cozy dining room just off 99th Street, this little cafe is a great spot to enjoy a nice weekend brunch.  Weather permitting – they also have a small outdoor patio.  I have visited this restaurant for their Sunday family-style dinners in the past (doesn’t appear as they do this anymore), and we decided to give the brunch a try.

I  love cornbread, and Culina has great cornbread.  Served with a sweet blueberry butter, I want some now…   please?

Cornbread with blueberry butter

Cornbread with blueberry butter

Lots of great sounding choices on their menu, but we decided to try the basics on this go-around.   The Eggs Benedict, is stacked with prosciutto, truffle hollandaise, and garnished with basil.  Side of diced potatoes rounds off this dish.   The server didn’t give any warning of the SPICY ketchup, which unfortunately was an unwelcome surprise – but as-is, everything tasted great!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Culina’s ‘Famous Bacon & Eggs’ is described on the menu as:  slow braised bacon, mushroom frittata, potato hash and toast.  When it arrived – the “bacon” was actually a good sized mound of slow-roasted pulled pork-shoulder,  the “hash” was more of a pan-fried mash, and the “mushroom frittata” was really a simple frittata – topped with a mushroom sauce.

Regardless of the description – everything on the plate tasted great – again, minus the lack of warning for the tongue scorching ketchup.

Famous Bacon & Eggs

Famous Bacon & Eggs

At $4 for a glass of OJ,  $5 for cornbread,  and $15 each for the entrees, this may be slightly more of a special-occasion destination – although, you may see me there every morning with a cup of their organic coffee and cornbread…  Mmmmm  cornbread.

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Shady Island Seafood Bar and Grill – Richmond, BC

Shady Island Seafood Bar and Grill
#112-3800 Bayview Street
Richmond, BC
(604) 275-6587

On an afternoon photo assignment taking in the sights and hearing great stories from a dedicated crew of skilled craftsmen ship builders and restorers in the picturesque, frontier seaport town better known as the Steveston Heritage Fishing Village, I decided to end my day with a self-rewarding pint.

Wharfs, piers, boardwalks… wherever they are, always seem to be a preferred base for those establishments that seem to cater to both locals and visitors alike, often with seafood and cold drinks on the menu.  Shady Island Seafood is no exception.

With a deck side view of the neighboring Fisherman’s Wharf, and a cool breeze drifting in from the water, this open section running parallel to the pathway made for a great spot for people watching.  But by then, my mind had switched off from wanting to photograph anything, and I resorted to my simple P&S camera during my meal for images of my meal.

Sticking as local as I could, I opted for a selection from Granville Island Brewing in their Cypress Honey Lager.  Crisp, clear lagers are my favorite beers.  This one was perhaps milder in tone and not as “sweet” as say other “honey”-branded beers I’ve had, so was a refreshing way for me to unwind.  I could have easily had a few more and spent more time watching folks stroll by, but alas, it was getting a bit chilly and I was without a coat.

Despite having been busy for most of the day, I wasn’t terribly hungry.  Perhaps it was the cups of coffee that I had earlier to keep me going that were keeping me feeling full.   So sticking with the stereotypical behavior of one visiting a waterside landing, I took the easy way out and asked for their Seafood Chowder.  Noted as “world famous” on the signboard, and as “mama’s award-winning” on the menu, it peaked my curiosity.

It definitely had “substance” and was very rich and creamy in texture, plenty of pieces of salmon, clams and potatoes, all encompassed in a vibrant red, slightly peppery, tomato-base.  I’ve not experienced many of these more east coast-style chowders, but I can say that I enjoyed it and will look to seek out more of them.

A fairly basic house green salad which was nothing to write home about, rounded out my small meal (not pictured).

The combination of unwinding alone and having a quiet, non-stuffing meal and the quaint surroundings led me to feeling pretty good about my light dinner.  Under different circumstances, would I have come away with such a positive impression – I’m not sure.  But for the view, the brew and a tasty bowl of chowder, I can’t say I had any complaints and would drop by again and check out their fish and chips (which seemed like a popular thing at their takeaway window).

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