Nao Sushi – Burnaby, BC

Nao Sushi
7060 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 521-3131

December 2009 re-visit post here

Original post below:

Yours truly has been stretching his food adventure limits of late, by actually driving east of Main Street for a change, and finding some satisfying spots along the way.  Nao Sushi in nearby Burnaby was one of them – actually a foodosophy reader had actually mentioned it to me privately, but I had totally forgotten his recommendation, and only realized it was the same place when I mentioned it after the fact…

Located in a mixed residential/commercial strip along Kingway in the burgeoning Middlegate neighbourhood, Nao Sushi competes with another Japanese restaurant in the very same building a few slots down the street.  From the outside, this other place looked less appealing.   And another reason that drew me into Nao was the Japanese script in the exterior signage denoting kamameshi (which I guess you could translate in English to ‘pot or kettle rice’).  I do not think I’ve ever seen another place in Vancouver offering this dish nor had it in town before, so my interest was truly peaked…

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