Pho Century – Burnaby, BC

Pho Century Fine Vietnamese Cuisine
6701 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 544-5028

Billed as a “Place for Noodle Lovers”, this second location of Pho Century recently popped up at the intersection of Kingsway and Sperling, basically directly across the way from the National Nikkei Heritage Centre where the beloved Hi Genki is located.  I’ve never visited their first outlet (which is also on Kingsway – at Willingdon), so have no point of reference to compare, but this just opened spot sure took me a bit by surprise.  While carved out inside a shabbier looking building that I think housed some kind of ESL/math school run by Chinese until recent times, they had really spruced up the tiny interior with a clean and fresh modern look.  Parking is brutal – limited to a few spots right in front – and street parking nearby is hampered by the ongoing construction of a tall condominium building right across the street, with all the trucks and machinery needing to get through.

As you can see from the signage, there is a grand opening going on, with special dine-in pricing of 10% off, which is slated to end January 15th.  So perhaps by the time you read this post, it could be over.  Nevertheless, the price point for their main dishes are reasonable – case in point, the small pho is $6, and the large bowl is $7.  Congees, and barbequed (insert any meat here) with rice dishes also fall in the $7~$8 range.  There were also some Viet Subs (chicken, meat ball, minced pork, Vietnamese ham) available priced $3.95 and up; apparently they are only here at this second location. Combo plates with rice or vermicelli run in the $7 to $11 zone; this “touch of everything” caught my attention for my lunch.

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Blue Stone Grill – Burnaby, BC

Blue Stone Grill Korean Barbecue
4501 North Road
Burnaby, BC
(604) 415-3443

For those readers in the greater Vancouver area, what a great sunny pre-spring day we had today!  As the old joke goes with Canada having two seasons – winter and patio – I was completely in the mood for being outside in nature and thus spent the majority of the day in the mountains.  And then had a craving for some barbecue action later in the night.  Perhaps in preparation for what I hope will be a wonderful summer…

With most of my familiarity of the Korean restaurant zone along North Road being more on the eastern side, this time we visited a location in the shopping area on the opposite direction.  Nestled in the far end corner of the second level of this complex, is the Blue Stone Grill.  Parking is quite dicey in the day time as the area also houses a popular grocery store, but in the evenings you have a better chance of securing a spot on the upper floor parking space.

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