Daikatsu Sushi – Vancouver, BC

Daikatsu Sushi
2090 Alma Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 733 7331

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I’m not sure about my Foodosophy colleagues, but ever since I’ve become a contributor on this site, I’ve found myself becoming a bit more dangerous on the roads.  Nope, its not from having stuffed myself and with a full stomach getting that sleepy coma feeling, or being intoxicated with alcohol from some festivities, but rather due to the fact that I’m always scanning both sides of the road for any new or previously unseen eateries to add to my list for future visits.  All in the name of Foodosophy I tell you.

Well, while driving up Alma from 4th Ave recently, I caught a glimpse of some signage across the street from a running goods store, and seeing the words ‘sushi’, I thought to myself, oh no yet another place offering up this cuisine.  Now I should have kept on going, but instead I pulled over.  Rather than go home and have a proper home cooked meal, I zipped up my bullet proof vest and ventured into Daikatsu Sushi to take another bullet for the Foodosophy gang.

As simple as deep fried items seem to be, they really are tricky and give a good insight into the kitchen.  As such, I try to sample at least one dish to see where their oil is at, is it overused and dirty, are things fried at too high a temperature, etc. Tempura or Agedashi Tofu is usually what I use as my guinea pig, but on this occasion I felt like having some Ika Karaage.  As poor as my camera phone images are, they really did turn out that bad.  A classic case of cooked real fast in very hot oil, so much so that a lot of the exterior had almost reached the burnt stage.  I had to rip off a lot of the coating and just tried to eat the squid as is, but that in itself was not the greatest quality so this dish was a wash in my books.

Don’t know why I went with this, the Dynamite Roll.  I’m not a big maki fan to begin with, so not sure why I pointed to this on the menu to the server (who appeared to be the wife of the man behind the counter, as they spoke to each other in Chinese when not attending to any of the other customers – yes, there were some).  I suppose I knew my main dish to be ordered would not be that voluminous and I was looking for some filler here.  The rice was quite mushy, which turned me off immediately.  And the tempura lacked flavour and all I could taste was the mayonnaise inside.

Lastly, I present to you our fine readers, Daikatsu’s version of a Chirashi-don.  Small, yes.  Skimpy, yes.  Bang for the buck, no.  Heck, I sound like I am talking about a pint sized prostitute.  The tako (octopus) and ebi (prawn) were particularly nasty, as they just oozed out water when I bit into them, obviously not properly prepared/thawed out.  Throw in the obvious fact that there was no real decorative, eye-catching presentation of the toppings, and it just felt like it was thrown together with no thought for trying to capture any points for the visual.  I really must post a report from a seaside sushi bar in Japan, to try to help you picture what a really good chirashi can look like.

So there you have it, an entirely disappointing, but totally expected let down from another establishment with a pawn in the sushi game in Vancouver.  I hope the next time I do a random stopover, my discovery is much more positive.

Daikatsu Sushi on Urbanspoon