What a Bakery – Toronto, ON

What a Bakery
875 Milner Ave
Toronto, ON

Once upon a time, my wife worked at a bakery to help out a friend.  Waking up at 2am to GO to work was absolutely mind-boggling, but I sure enjoyed waking up to a fresh loaf of bread, and the occasional treat.  As we started our journey out of Toronto, we turned off the highway for a coffee in the suburb of Scarborough – and happened to come across this bakery.


I’ve written in the past about my love of cornbread, and this cornbread muffin ranks as one my favorites.  My second choice for the road, was the cinnamon twist (figured it would be easy to eat while driving).  Both were superb.

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Big T’s BBQ – Calgary, AB

Big T’s BBQ
2138 Crowchild Trail NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 284-5959

Barbecue.  Definitely one of those forms of cooking that is greatly underestimated for its difficulty, precision and variety…

Here in North America, its roots go back to the 1800’s when pork was the staple item used in outdoor cookouts in the southern United States, and it remains one of the most favoured ingredients even today.  Its true magic how skilled barbecuers can take lower quality cuts or portions of beef and pork, infuse them with flavour from intricate spice rubs and wood smoke over long periods of time cooking at low temperatures, to make them absolutely tender and full of flavour.

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Culina Mill Creek – Edmonton, AB

Culina Mill Creek
9914 – 89 Avenue
Edmonton, AB
(780) 437-5588

Weekend brunch: 10am – 2pm

Set in a small cozy dining room just off 99th Street, this little cafe is a great spot to enjoy a nice weekend brunch.  Weather permitting – they also have a small outdoor patio.  I have visited this restaurant for their Sunday family-style dinners in the past (doesn’t appear as they do this anymore), and we decided to give the brunch a try.

I  love cornbread, and Culina has great cornbread.  Served with a sweet blueberry butter, I want some now…   please?

Cornbread with blueberry butter

Cornbread with blueberry butter

Lots of great sounding choices on their menu, but we decided to try the basics on this go-around.   The Eggs Benedict, is stacked with prosciutto, truffle hollandaise, and garnished with basil.  Side of diced potatoes rounds off this dish.   The server didn’t give any warning of the SPICY ketchup, which unfortunately was an unwelcome surprise – but as-is, everything tasted great!

Eggs Benedict

Eggs Benedict

Culina’s ‘Famous Bacon & Eggs’ is described on the menu as:  slow braised bacon, mushroom frittata, potato hash and toast.  When it arrived – the “bacon” was actually a good sized mound of slow-roasted pulled pork-shoulder,  the “hash” was more of a pan-fried mash, and the “mushroom frittata” was really a simple frittata – topped with a mushroom sauce.

Regardless of the description – everything on the plate tasted great – again, minus the lack of warning for the tongue scorching ketchup.

Famous Bacon & Eggs

Famous Bacon & Eggs

At $4 for a glass of OJ,  $5 for cornbread,  and $15 each for the entrees, this may be slightly more of a special-occasion destination – although, you may see me there every morning with a cup of their organic coffee and cornbread…  Mmmmm  cornbread.

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