Panaderia Latina Bakery – Vancouver, BC

Panaderia Latina Bakery
4906 Joyce Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 439-1414

Empanadas.  It seems its my “thing” of the past year in terms of something to eat that I’ve deliberately sought out more often than any other food.  In doing so, I’ve had a few different takes on it.  But in the end, I think I’m really all about the salty, savoury taste that only a delicious melted cheese inside can provide.

As luck would have it, after my takeaway package from Bo Laksa King was ready to go, I popped over next door to see if there was anything worthwhile at Panaderia, and sure enough they had empanadas.  I’m sure I’m not alone in doing this double-header of meals on this street corner just up the way from Joyce Skytrain station.

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Empanada Hut – Richmond, BC

Empanada Hut
#1065 – 5300 No. 3 Rd
Richmond, BC
(604) 273-9130

After my eye-opening experience in Calgary having some excellent empanadas at Empanada Queen in Pizza Roma with foodosopher, I was in a desperate hunt to try and find something similar back in Vancouver.  My initial search led me to Empanada Hut, located in one of my least favorite areas in the Lower Mainland (aka “Ditchmond”) and to bring me down even further, inside a dreary looking shopping mall.  To show how anxious I was, I braved the rush hour traffic with some of the city’s worst and unskilled drivers that make Richmond notorious, and even drove down the brutal No. 3 road to find this place.

Upon locating the establishment within the food court, I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made a dreadful mistake.  First off all, the poor older woman hidden in the kitchen seemed to be stressed out, washing some pots and pans.  I was finally able to grab her attention and ask her how her day was.  She replied “very busy”, as it seemed she had recently lost another woman who worked there, and now it was all on her to keep the place running.  I felt sorry for her.

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Empanada Queen in Pizza Roma – Calgary, AB

Empanada Queen in Pizza Roma
4-4100 Marlborough Drive NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 235-0686

May 2010 re-visit post here

Original post below:

Looking at the sign, one might think this is a post about pizza. And while I love pie, and can wax poetic regarding great pizza for hours on end (almost as long as I ramble about sushi), this post is not about pizza. This is about a small business that is run out of a pizzeria – as a very small sign in the window denotes. It’s called Empanada Queen. Being foodosophy readers, Im sure you can guess what they serve 🙂


Pizza Roma is located in a small stripmall NE of Marlborough Mall. They won some award a few years ago for top 25 pizza in Calgary. I saw the article on the wall, but it wasn’t memorable. It’s like seeing “as seen in Spiderman 2” on the wall of Joe’s pizza in the village. Unless you see it 4 or 5 times, you never remember it. Their pizza looks reasonable, but their true treasure is their Chilean food. Often, Chilean food doesn’t get the same kind of recognition that their Argentinian and Peruvian neighbours get, but I’ve always found it to be fresh, honest, and fairly tasty.

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