Bistro Alma – Calgary, AB

Bistro Alma
at Hotel Alma, University of Calgary
169 University Gate NW
Calgary, AB
(403) 220-3203

Hotel dining is always sure to conjure up some strong images.  High priced.  Extravagant preparation.  Fine service.  But often for me, hotel dining is a last resort when I’m traveling, as I’ve often come away unsatisfied or feeling ripped off.  No matter where I am, I’d prefer to venture out of my hotel without a clear path of where to go to eat and try to sample whatever I can that strikes my fancy by walking the streets.  Surprisingly, I’ve never gotten lost on these unplanned wanderings and have always been able to make it back to my accommodations.

However, there is one factor that limits this kind of free style activity… the weather.

Particular when its winter.
And cold.
And on the prairies.

Without proper clothing or a mode of handy transportation to protect yourself from the harsh elements, it completely derails any sense of food adventuring I might have.  Hence, the decision to eat at the hotel.

While stationed for a few days on the campus of the University of Calgary, I was provided with free lodging at Hotel Alma.  A relatively new place (open since last October) that functions as both a student residence on the lower floors and a hotel for the public on the upper ones.  Very much dormitory-style, the rooms are tiny, though nicely designed with a “Euro” flair and are perfectly suited for the business visitor.  Pictured above was the view from my single window.  Brrr, chilly cold, I know!

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