Wild Tangerine – Edmonton, AB

Wild Tangerine
10388 – 112 Street
Edmonton, AB
(780) 429-3131


If I was to open a restaurant of my own, I would experiment with some of my favorite flavours from around the world, and source out the best ingredients I could get my hands on.  Had this dream ever become reality – it probably would have looked something like this.

Wild Tangerine, centrally located on 104th Street is home to an unpretentious, fun and casual restaurant.  Described by others as  ‘east meets west’ or ‘Asian-Italian fusion’ – the menu is predominantly Asian flavours over local proteins, served with pastas, rice or vegetables.  A conscious effort has been made to use seasonal vegetables, and local meat which is antibiotic and growth-stimulant free.


Anyone who has been here before, has probably had the shrimp lollipops.  A single large shrimp, skewered and wrapped in kataifi (shredded phyllo) – then fried to golden deliciousness.  Served with a side of wasabi yogurt, this never fails as a great starter.

Moving to the entrees – my wife chose the Thai Green Curry with Prawns & Tortiglioni.  Traditional gaeng kiow wahn (Thai green curry) is traditionally much soupier from the addition of water or coconut milk; however as photographed, expect more of a green curry paste stir-fry over pasta.  This dish provided a nice level of heat without burning-out any tastebuds.


So many cultures have devised a method of preparing pork.  Obvious favorites are bacon or pancetta, but for me – I whole-heartedly applaud the Chinese for inventing Cha-Siu.  Literal translation is ‘fork roasted’ but is commonly identified as the dark red BBQ pork found in Chinese markets.

So my choice this evening was the Cha-Siu Organic Pembina Pork Tenderloin with Spicy Tangerine Glaze.  The beautifully tender pork loin was served over a bed of gai lan (Chinese broccoli), and garnished with what I can only describe as carrot tagliatelle.  The tangerine glaze has a fantastic blend of sweet, sour, with a touch of spice.  Portion sizes were plentiful, but when something is this good – there is never enough…


Reviewing the dessert menu, we decided to share the the ‘Warm Gingered Bread Pudding, with banana ice cream’.  Presented with a carmelized sugar cap, the ginger provided a nice spice within the warm bread pudding (albeit more of a sponge cake).


As we were finishing up, we took a look through the ‘mobile cuisine’ options available in quick take-out containers.  An interesting selection of soups, sauces and stocks, ranging from $4 to $10.

Hmmm,  I think I just uncovered a secret from a recent dinner party…

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