Walt Street Pub – Red Bank, NJ

Walt Street Pub
180 Monmouth St
Red Bank, NJ
(732) 741-5936

I recently went on a quest to find the best burger in New York City. For the rest of this week, you’ll have my breakdown of what I discovered. This is post #4 of 5 related to trying out some of the best that New York has to offer. The last review, Peter Luger,  is available here . Hope you enjoy the series.

I remember one of the first food bloggers i ever read. This was really before blogging was all that popular. In one of his posts, he discussed the Walt Street Pub – a small pub in Red Bank, that served up some amazing burgers.

I’ve had images of that burger burning in my head ever since, and had to include the Walt Street Pub when exploring New York’s best burger.

Located on the idyllic south shore, Red Bank looks nothing like a foodie haven. More like a speed bump on the commuter highway to NYC. The drive out from the city took quite a while – and upon exiting the car, I knew the experience would be completely different from the any of the establishments in the city.

The pub itself has a homey sports bar feel. There was a friendly bartender, and a friendly server. The place was near empty.

The Walt Street Pub is famous for their wings – mild, hot or “killer death”. These wings were voted the “best in town” – by whom, I have no idea. And in terms of Red Bank, maybe not the biggest town. They were, however, quite tasty. Basted in very hot sauce, the wings were amply sized, and fried to a crispy exterior. I’m definitely in the wing camp that prefers a drier wing to a soaked, wet wing. The wings themselves were very juicy, with a nice crunch to them. The heat was a bottled hot sauce type of vibe, but I enjoyed these a lot.

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In N Out Burger, San Francisco, CA

In N Out Burger
11 Rollins Rd.
Millbrae, California 94030 (right by SFO)

The recent argument Shokutsu and I had on Foodosophy regarding burgers would suggest that I eat a tremendous number of them. Which isn’t quite true. Dissatisfied with the quality of most burgers, I typically eat them at home, or at special occasions. I prefer to skip fast food. The idea of microwaved burgers, mass produced frozen food just doesn’t appeal to me, nor does it meet my idea of responsible consumerism. An exception to the rule would be In N Out Burger. A privately-owned, west coast fast food chain that I visit immediately upon touching down, anytime i’m on the West Coast. LV. LA. Phoenix. San Francisco. I know where each of the locations closest to the airport are by heart.

Much has been written about In N Out. First brought to mainstream attention in Fast Food Nation, they have developed a pristine reputation, and for good reason. No freezers, heat lamps, or microwaves. Everything made fresh, by hand, daily. Hand cut fries. Hand made patties. Bake their own buns. Well treated employees. Benefits. A social conscience. This is one well-run burger chain with a marketing twist – the secret menu. There’s nothing like a “secret” to generate some buzz.

In N Out offers a very basic menu. Double cheesburger (called a Double-double), a hamburger, a cheese burger, fries, milkshakes, and soda pop. That’s it. Sometimes, less really is more. However, the so called secret menu (which is not so secret anymore, part of it is listed on their website) is In N Out specific lingo to tell them how you want your order.

First, there’s animal style. On your burger, it means pickles, grilled onions, and extra sauce. You can also get your fries animal style. This is the grilled onions, thousand island sauce, and cheese. You order your burgers in combinations of meat and cheese. Double double is 2 meat patties, two cheese. Triple Triple is the aforementioned burger with three of each. 3×5 is 3 patties and 5 slices of cheese, and so on. The largest INO burger ever confirmed is the 666×666. Fries can come in light, regular, and well done. Vegetarians can get grilled cheese. There are a variety of other options, all in various combinations of bun/no bun, cheese,

What is there to say? Not a lot. Things can be summed up quite easily. The burgers are excellent. I definitely prefer the double double, animal style, for the right combination of meat, cheese, toppings, and bun. I think the fries are terrible. Light, regular, well done, other than being fresh cut, don’t have much redeeming qualities. Limp, soggy, they havent been double fried, resulting in a lousy fry. If you must get them, get the fries animal style. At least the cheese and onions and spread make it reasonable. Milkshakes are good – i stick with vanilla, though neapolitan is good for a mix. The best part? The price. While the decor and the values seem like they belong in the 70’s, so do the prices.

The food at In N Out definitely falls under the category of guilty pleasure, if only for the caloric reasons. With fresh food, and a good organization behind it, they leave you feeling pretty good, even after a few double doubles. After all, how can something that taste so good, be so wrong? In the case of In N Out, it can’t.