who we are…

Ideas have no value unless they are shared – they are not meant to be hoarded, and distributed only for the benefit of the individual.

Foodosophy follows the same basic principles – our knowledge is freely shared and distributed. As Foodosophers, our responsibility is to spread our experiences and ideas to as many interested people as possible.

Who are we? Just a collection of people who love food. We hope you enjoy our experiences as much as we do.


Foodosopher has a passion for food and travel. Willing to try anything once (or any number of times really), he travels the world searching out new food experiences. At home, he has eschewed overly fussy, fine dining for good, simple, solid food, with clear flavours and a well-communicated purpose.


Shokutsu enjoys feeding his appetite for well-prepared cuisine in his daily life as well as during his frequent globetrotting adventures as he explores foreign cultures and cuisine. Armed with his digital sidearm, he enjoys capturing his discoveries through visual images and actively seeks out public forums in which they can be shared.


Almattone enjoys food from all corners of the world, preferably while visiting said corner but also at outposts near home. Great food comes in all shapes and sizes – not to mention prices and levels of intestinal risk.


Prefectionist is all about good food, good wine, and good company.  As a recent transplant to the west coast, he is eager to explore the smells, tastes, and adventures that the region has to offer.  He hopes to provide fresh insight into the local food and restaurant scene, as the newest member of the Foodosophy Team.


GastronomyDomine has an insatiable curiosity to explore all forms of ethnic foods in his home city of Vancouver, BC. He loves to scour the city for those small, often family-run ethnic restaurants that serve honest food cooked without pretension and fuss.


Interloper mainly discovered a passion for food through the culinary interests and aspirations of his wife, and a Sommelier friend from the UK who strikes a perfect balance between passion for the industry and cutting through the pretense which surrounds it with a sense of humour as only he can. If his liver could talk, Interloper’s would tell tales of dealing with the various and sundry styles of beer from around the world which have been imbibed over the years. His tastes in food are all over the map, which fits well with the cultural diversity of his home city, Toronto.


O-toro is on a lifelong search for his perfect meal.  This quest has led to some exotic, many questionable, and back to basics meals.  He hopes to share some experiences with this team of fellow foodies.  Happiest when eating – he will try to put down his fork long enough to share his thoughts.

Palate Lover

You eat food. I eat food. You drink coffee to stay awake. I drink and make it for a living. What we eat isn’t just about sustaining life. Taste, appearance, texture, context, emotion – it’s all a part of what everyone loves about food and drink. But I might just think about and love it all just a bit more than you…

51 thoughts on “who we are…

  1. Thank you Geoff – your site and superb images are a great guide for shooting in similar conditions out and about Vancouver. Perhaps we’ll spot each other someplace leaning over our plates with our cameras.


  2. Hi Shokutsu, thanks for your comments on the rojak. I’m glad I followed your link back to this site – your posts are superb with great content, well-written prose and fantastic photos. After putting a few articles together for my blog, I can really appreciate the kind of effort it takes. Thanks so much for sharing – if you don’t mind, I’m going to put a link to your site from mine.


  3. We appreciate your feedback ET, always welcome from a fellow blogger who knows the time and effort it involves to do this on a regular basis. Our goal is to share what we know and experience, and hopefully learn from others along the way as well. Thank you for adding us to your site’s blogroll, we appreciate any more viewers who may find us an interesting read, and hope to maintain the standards we have set for ourselves. Look forward to more of your Vancouver-based posts as well, as I am sure there are many places you know of that we have never heard of and will need to check out!

  4. as a marketing student, i love your term “foodosopher” because it really captures the essence and purpose of your site! – writing as a photographer and capturing great photos of food!

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  6. I love your blog. Really love it. A big inspiration for me. Very well done guys. I just have one question, where do each of you call home? Calgary, Vancouver, and….

    Keep up the great work!!!!!

  7. Hi Matt,

    Thanks for your kind words. In terms of where we call home, Shokutsu stores his stuff in Vancouver, but travels extensively. I don’t really have a home. I have places i work, Calgary being one of them. If i had to pick a place, I’d say Edmonton is home. Almattone is similar to Shokutsu – he stores his stuff in No Cal, but travels extensively.

    Hope that answers your question!

  8. Vanessa.

    Somehow, i totally missed your comment! I blame it on Shokutsu – i was out of town at the time 🙂

    Anyway, love your site. Great sense of style. Thanks for compliments on the photographs – though you can be honest – Shokutsu’s photos are much better than mine. No need to lump them all into one category!

  9. Hi S&S,

    Welcome! We definitely appreciate your feedback (how could you not appreciate positive feedback!? 🙂 ). Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the Calgary food scene. I think we’re a bit outnumbered by all the Vancouver-ites, but i know we can compete!

  10. Hello,

    I noticed on your comment on Urbanspoon that your experience at our gallery brunch with French Toast was not the best.

    It could be that we were in transition for our brioche supplier and that we had a lack of the fruit we might typically have on our FT at the time you came, and yes, the presentation on our FT is something that perhaps needs some more thought. We do usually get a favourable response to our FT as well as our Benny and Croissant sandwich plates.

    In case you might be interested, we would be more then happy to provide a complimentary plate for a tasting next time your looking for a brunch in the Granville Island or Kits area.

    Yours Sincerely,


    • Rob,

      Appreciate you leaving your response to our brief comment on the US site. Though not a full fledged commentary on our blog, I did try to convey my experience with the french toast and still stand by my review, but can appreciate your thoughts on why my disappointment might have transpired and so thank you for taking the time in leaving us this note.

      As favorable as your offer sounds, we at foodosophy continue to uphold our belief that our commentary on places where we eat and drink, must continue to be done anonymously to best keep things neutral and unbiased as much as possible. We hope you can understand our stance on this matter and wish you well in your business and endeavors, and perhaps we will make a return visit in the near future (of course, anonymously). 🙂

  11. Victoria just saw your Blog title for the first time.

    She told me to tell you, if you really want to dream about food too, open a restaurant and all that comes with being the owner of one will make you dream for sure…or have nightmares

    • Nightmares for sure 🙂 I think i’ll pass on that dream – i carried that one for many years. I think i know better now.

      How goes the pizza oven search?

  12. Hello, stumbled across your blog; we’re a new Chinese Tapas/Drinks restaurant on Kingsway and Denbigh and we’re wondering if you’d be interested in checking it out! Feel free to ask for me when you get a chance to stop by. Thanks!!

  13. Hi, WE are Vancouver Food And Wine. We invite you to cross post some of your blogs with us. We are all about supporting Local Food, Local Wines, Local Writers and Local businesses.

    Best Wishes,
    Vancouver Food And Wine
    localfoodandwine [at] yahoo.com

  14. Hello foodosophy team,

    I am the owner of SmoQe BBQ in Aptos that you reviewed a few weeks ago. Thank you for your review even though I am a little bummed that it happened while we are still a baby restaurant and working out some kinks in the kitchen.

    As to the pizza that you had, I have to agree it looks terrible, which is definitely the exception not the rule at SmoQe. Our pulled pork is cooked for 14-20 hours at about 200 degrees and our brisket is now cooked for 24 hours and is totally melt in your mouth tender, clearly a different product than you had that day.

    I hope you will come back and give us another try.

    Aaron Duncan
    SmoQe BBQ + Wood Fired Pizza

    • Thanks for stopping by Jared. If you know of any places to check out, please drop us a line, and/or leave comments on places we’ve visited that you’ve tried as well.

  15. Hi. In an article that foodosopher wrote in 2008 about Vietnamese restaurants, the author stated that at a certain restaurant “the meat lacks quality standards of the better Bun establishments in town”. We are desperately trying to find a restaurant that makes a top notch Bun dish. We love the pho dishes at Pho Binh Minh, but they don’t really do many bun dishes. Could you pass along the names of a few restaurants that have really good bun dishes. Thanks.

    • Paging foodosophy writers: foodosopher, gastronomydomine and o-toro; who I understand to be lovers of bun and are the best positioned to give you a reply. If you could help them out by giving some guidelines, such as geographic location you are looking at, that would probably help narrow down some choices for you…

  16. Hey,

    I am wondering where the members of Foodosophy are from. It seems that you have reviews from all over the world. Take Shokutsu for example, he has reviewed restaurants in Vancouver, Singapore, Bangkok, Tokyo, Jakarta, Tokyo, Hanoi, etc. My question is, do you travel around the world sampling cuisine for a living? If that’s the case…well dang! I’m jealous! 😀

    • Hi there Eatbox and thanks for dropping by and asking a question that probably has been on the minds of other foodosophy readers. I’m not 100% sure, but believe that every member of our crew is currently based somewhere in North America. But I am positive that we’re avid travelers and adventurers, some more bold than others perhaps and freer in their ability to spend time in planes, trains and automobiles scouring this great planet of ours for good eats. I know for a fact that some of our writers have some still unpublished tales from recent jaunts to Europe for example, so please check back for more international postings, alongside the usual queue of stories from here in Canada and the US of A. And lastly, as far as I know, none of us do this for a living, so we join you in the club that is jealous of people who do!

  17. For the following comment, I forgot to say that we are in Calgary, Alberta. So, if anyone could pass along the name(s) of some great “Bun” restaurants that would be great. Thanks again.

    “Hi. In an article that foodosopher wrote in 2008 about Vietnamese restaurants, the author stated that at a certain restaurant “the meat lacks quality standards of the better Bun establishments in town”. We are desperately trying to find a restaurant that makes a top notch Bun dish. We love the pho dishes at Pho Binh Minh, but they don’t really do many bun dishes. Could you pass along the names of a few restaurants that have really good bun dishes. Thanks.”

  18. Hi Foodosophy,

    The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association is partnering with Foodie Tour this summer to host Foodie Tour on Granville, a tasting tour of some of the most sought after restaurants on the newly reconstructed Granville Street in Downtown Vancouver. Foodie Tour will be hosting tours to showcase Granville Street restaurants and introduce people to new dining experiences and a wider range of cuisines.

    I would like to invite you to join us for a preview of Foodie Tour on Granville, where you will visit 5-6 restaurants for tastings, hear about the inside scoop on the restaurant, meet the owners/managers/chefs, and tour the restaurant. Foodie Tour on Granville will run throughout the summer and will open up to the public starting July. This is an event not to be missed by people who enjoy great food and tantalizing conversations!

    Foodie Tour on Granville Media Launch
    Date: Friday, June 25, 4:30-6:30pm
    Meeting Time: 4:20pm
    Starting Location: 1147 Granville Street (between Davie & Helmcken) – Outside Twisted Fork

    Space is limited. RSVP by June 23 to michelle@foodietour.ca


    Michelle Ng
    Foodie Tour

  19. Back by popular demand! The Baker’s Market is a Saturday market starting up again on Oct. 2 – Dec. 11. Inspired by farmers markets (no veggies please), just lots of sweet & savoury baked goodies. 11am-3 pm. Enter through the back door at #115-408 East Kent Avenue South, Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7. http://www.bakersmarket.com for more info.

    Support your local, talented & creative bakers, who love to bake for customers like you! FREE PARKING and FREE ADMISSION.

    We are now accepting applications for vendors too.
    If you or someone you know is a home baker, student baker, professional baker or “wanna-be” baker that specializes in sweet or savoury baked goods, we’d love to have them as vendor. Kindly forward this email to them.

    ***be kind to the environment by bringing your own containers for your goodies
    -washrooms are not available
    -no pets
    -accessible by wheelchairs, strollers
    -come by bike, bus and Canada line (Cambie and Marine Drive station)

  20. I would love to see a retro style burger joint fitted into an old school bus in Vancouver.
    A greasy spoon on wheels like they have in NY and Toronto..

  21. I’m the new marketing manager for Giovannis Shrimp Truck in Kahuku, Hawaii. I would like to thank for the kind words about your experience at the truck and for providing our information at the top on August 13th 2009. The only problem is the address is in-correct. I was hoping if you can change it on the site to the correct address of 56-505 Kamehameha Highway Kahuku, Hi 96731. I thank you again

    Jorge Amorim
    Giovannis Shrimp Truck

  22. Hi Foodosophers,

    Joey’s Seafood Restaurants would like to invite you to review a new concept we are opening in Calgary in a week or so. We have called it “Joey’s Urban” and is quite a bit different than what you would expect from a typical Joey’s Seafood Restaurant. Check out our menu http://joeysurban.ca/menu.php. Please reply to marketing@joeys.ca if you would like some more information.

    Dave Holland
    Marketing & Design Manager
    Joey’s Only Franchising Ltd.

  23. Hey Foodosophy,

    You guys have an amazing food blog going on here. Would you be interested in doing a few reviews or covering a few food events to be featured in the Vancouver Observer magazine? I definitely think our readers would love your blog and your writing, so check out out site and let me know. It’d be a great way to share your blog with other Vancouverites as well.

    Let me know what you think, and great reviews.

    Food Editor
    Vancouver Observer

  24. Hey Foodsophy,

    awesome blog! Do you also write reviews about take-away and home delivery services in Vancouver? There is this new service http://cleoo.ca and I would love to read something about it!


  25. Hi
    We are a new Italian Tapas and Wine Bar in Yaletown serving only fine imported deli meats and cheeses with wine pairings and fresh daily sheets of authentic pastas. The Chef is Italian and owners are world travelers. We would love for you to come down and try what we have to offer. The place has a cozy intimate feel and has the makings of being Vancouver’s newest gem.

    Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Yaletown-LAntipasto/159458734148096?sk=info

    Kindly let us know what are the procedures and fees for us to get on your website.

    Many thanks,

    Matti & Sachi
    Yaletown L’Antipasto
    1127 Mainland

    • Thank you for your introduction! As to your query, all of our posts are non-paid, they are simply the result of our free wheeling eating and dining. So if we ever try out your place, you may or may not see a post. Thats just how it is! 🙂


    This is the friendly team from FirePots inviting all you foodies to join us at our Grand Opening on March 23rd from 11-5pm @ 4455 Lougheed highway at Brentwood Skytrain station right by the mall. If you’d like to RSVP for our exclusive grand opening party please contact us at #604 293 9955 or email us at info@firepots.ca

    Looking forward to seeing you all here!

  27. Terrific Site/Blog!

    Just wanted to say hello and introduce our new restaurant, HOLY FALAFEL, which has already soft opened and will be Grand Opening later this April, in Langley. We are a modern, contemporary Lebanese/Middle Eastern/Canadian fusion restaurant that is bringing the ‘donair’ into this millennium. We are doing 100% fresh food daily, including falafels, gas seared beef, chicken, lamb shawarma, tabouleh, homous, baklava, tahina, soups, as well as a large vegan and vegetarian menu. Art-house atmosphere, and nightclub sound system, summer patio seating, and to-be open late as well.

    We look forward to serving you. Thank-you.


    264th Street and Hwy #1 (freeway), Langley.

  28. Hi Foodsophy!

    My name is Darby Wong and I have been looking at your food blog from time to time. I thoroughly enjoyed your reviews. I am currently in the process of launching http://www.easylivingcoupons.com. As you have guessed this is an e-coupon site that will highlight food and entertainment in the Canadian west coast.

    I’m sure your wondering what will make us different. The key difference will be working closely with business’s and charities at a local level. ( I can explain more in detail when you call)

    Please contact us and let us know how we can go about working together.

    Ph: 604-278-0181


    Darby Wong

    P.S. I currently run a business called Premier Paper and Print Services for the past 13 years.


    Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for Promotions and Giveaways!

  29. Hi,

    My name is John Fontaine and I started a small startup biz and built an App that saves people money at restaurants. I thought you might want to use it now and then if it can save you a few bucks while you are trying all these restaurants. 

    I started with fast food places on the App but are now bringing on more local restaurants. It was a bit had to get the local restaurants on board first as we didn’t have any users (chicken-egg) some of the fast food guys took a chance with us first, but now we are making some head way with some good local restaurants. 

    Anyways just thought you might be interested as we are getting some great places like Laziza on Davie Street and the App will serve you up $30 worth of food for only $15. 

    Some people are calling it the Groupon killer because you don’t have to buy the deals they are all free. You just show the staff the deal on your phone and its yours. Oh and its a FREE App to.  The app is called Mobile Bandit hope you like it. Cheers! Keep up the good work!

    John Fontaine

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