Ichiran Ramen – Tokyo, JP

Ichiran Ramen
Roppongi GM Building, 2F
4-11-11 Roppongi, Minato-ku
Tokyo, Japan
Tel: +81 3 3796 7281


Ask any visitor as they head to Japan in search of ramen, and they will likely say, if they’ve done any reasonable about of research, that Ichiran and Ippudo are the two names that pop up most frequently in English-language sources.


With a long tradition as a popular chain, Ichiran continues to focus on one type of broth, that being pork-bone (tonkotsu). But this steadfast reliance on one soup base is enhanced by the seven different options customers are provided when it comes to their order: the strength of the soup, richness of the oil, amount of garlic, type of onion, with/without slices of pork belly, with/without special spicy sauce, and done-ness of the noodles.


After making your purchase on a machine and sitting down in your own little individual booth where you are served from a small window open to the kitchen hidden by a curtain screen, you simply wait for your bowl to be delivered. With so many combinations possible, Ichiran’s appeal is you can get something “different” each time if you so choose, until you come up with the combination that’s just right for you and your palate.


For a large chain operation, their consistency is strong and I’ve always left feeling content after being served a solid bowl of ramen with straight skinny-type noodles.


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