Momofuku Milk Bar – Toronto, ON

Momofuku Milk Bar
190 University Ave
Toronto, ON

Swapping out a single word in the title of the previous post, we find ourselves upstairs in the very same establishment and into a glass-walled cool room, set up as a mini dessert shop-within-a-shop. It is a fully self-service, including the need to return down the flight of stairs to pay for purchases; which can be a pain when the hostess is trying to process a bill for a customer from the Noodle Bar, or trying to escort new customers to their seats. With a minimal footprint, if you’re in there browsing the goods with even a few other people, you can feel a bit squeezed in. I imagine it is a nice place to be in during the humid Toronto summer, but the late-winter/early-spring season makes you think you’re actually back outdoors.

The highlights from the Momofuku Milk Bar recipe book that came out in fall 2011 were in the shop… the amusingly named Crack Pie and the Compost Cookie. Personally, I am no baker. So when looking at the ingredients and process of these two items which you can easily find online today, they do appear for those who can handle themselves in the dessert making area for sure. The Crack Pie reminded me of a pecan pie without the nuts, with its soft and gooey texture and sweet/salty taste profile. Perhaps might taste better warmed up, but I had it pretty much straight from the chill room. It was quite sweet and rich.  I did enjoy it and found myself thinking I should have got some vanilla ice cream to go with it!

The cookie I had the next morning. Yes, as a breakfast piece. 🙂 As the name suggests, its a mish mash of ingredients that one would not normally contrive to put together… including the likes of chocolate, butterscotch, potato chips, pretzels, coffee, and others! But it works despite the complexity. Perhaps I would not be inclinded to devour several at a time as I might do with a much simpler cookie, but it was good nonetheless. Again, I wondered how much better it might taste warmed up.

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