Foodosophy 2011 Highlights

WordPress, the host of our online presence, has provided us with an annual summary of key activity here on foodosophy that we thought would be interesting to share with our readership.

To begin, overall it was a lighter year for us in terms of fresh posts, with just 74 new individual entries published during the year.  Interestingly, the most popular post was from two years ago, on the unusual McLobster report provided by contributor o-toro.  Other top viewed posts were those on MRKT (Market) Restaurant – Edmonton, AB, Omakase at Kimura – Vancouver, BC, Longview Steakhouse – Longview, AB, and Foodosophy of Pink Burgers in Vancouver, BC.

Next, a big appreciation is extended to some of our fellow bloggers in the Vancouver area, as they have been crucial in driving viewers to our site.  These include the now-defunct I’m Only Here For the Food, and the still very active Sherman’s Food Adventures and Chowtimes.

Now while many might consider us a west coast centric blog, its clear that the home core is still strongly influenced by Alberta, with the following top key word searches finding our site: mrkt, mrkt edmonton.  Not to be lost though is our base of writers here in Vancouver as well as the growing awareness of the blog itself, as vancouver food blog and foodosophy, as both joined the top five search list.  This seems to be supported by the data showing 87% of our site visitors are from Canada, with 13% coming from the United States.

And lastly, we would like to express our gratitude to the top five comment contributors who’s valuable feedback and shared thoughts on our posts help to enrich the community we are striving to create here at foodosophy. Props go to Karl, KimHo, grayelf, Kevin and Elsie, our sole non-Vancouver area reader who contribute often in our comments boxes.

Thanks everyone for your continued support and visits to our humble site!

7 thoughts on “Foodosophy 2011 Highlights

  1. Happy New Year and thanks for the shout-out!

    I am not sure if “now-defunct” would be the best way to call it – after all, it is still up and driving some traffic here! I think I will rather go with that infamous (Spanish) expression: “No estaba muerto, estaba de parranda!”

  2. Hey Shoku! Thanks for the mention. I am on a bit of a hiatus. Two jobs and a semi-long-distance relationship has made blogging near impossible. We are headed to the Yucatan for a couple of weeks so there’ll be a bunch of Mexico posts whenever I can fit them in. Congrats on another great year of fantastic blogging! Looking forward to all your adventures in 2012!!

    • The thanks go to you Karl, as one of the top drawers to our humble site! Enjoy the travels, and of course the food you’re about to enjoy abroad. Look forward to reading about it all!!!

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