Dae Ji – Burnaby, BC

Dae Ji
4501 North Road
Burnaby, BC
(604) 566-9107

Not too long ago, Don’sta existed in this very same location, offering some of the very same kind of dishes.  I’d noticed that it soon changed its sign not too long after that visit that I reported on.  Initially I thought it was just a simple re-branding, but upon checking it out, I saw it was much more than that.  The proprietors seemed to have changed, along with a total re-work of the interior and a greater focused menu.  Simple put, it appeared more “professional”.  I’ve not gone to their other location downtown, but Dae Ji now has outlet number two.

With Korean-style fried pork cutlets taking center stage alone (no sign of the pasta that existed in the previous incarnation) on the menu now, there were a few twists like the option to have a mixed plate if you will of a cutlet and a hamburger patty.    A few variations exist in terms of the pork cutlet, as well such as a cheese, spicy cheese, even a kimchi infused one!  The set menus offer more bang for the buck too, as you get a side of rice, a simple cabbage salad and a miso soup.

Volume-wise, it was plenty for me.  Going off the beaten path with the cheese covered option, I thought it added something unique.  The gravy that smothered it all completed the rather expected flavor element.  I think the cutlet itself was still pretty lean, as I remember it being when Don’sta was here.  The hamburger patty while looking plump on my plate was rather dense and dry inside as if it was overcooked in the oven.  Again, the gravy helped a bit but it was not a winner in my books.  If I had the choice, I’d go for the cutlet times two, instead of ordering a mix as I did here.

These kind of pork cutlet houses seem to abound in Korea now, so its not surprising they’ve been transplanted to one of the core Korean communities in the GVRD.  Judging from the customer support I saw on a weekday evening, this place appears to have some staying power – slanted towards the younger clientele set.

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6 thoughts on “Dae Ji – Burnaby, BC

  1. I had the same experience. Went to Don’sta for the the first two times then tried to go a third to only find out it was closed and renovating under the Dai ji name. From what I’ve been told, this location use to originally be a Dae ji, had a ownership and name change to Don’sta, which now has been converted back to Dae ji. One item I do miss from Don’sta that didn’t make it onto the Dae ji menu was the Sesame Donkatsu.

    To compare the two locations, I much prefer the atmosphere of the Burnaby location just because of the spaciousness of the layout. The downtown one feels a bit cramped. Food-wise, they both very consistent.

    I tend to order an extra cutlet as well each time I go even though I regret it after.

    • What a complex history behind this location, had no idea it was Daeji part two. 🙂 I did also note the missing sesame topped variation, even at the other Daeji location downtown that I just visited this past week as well. Not sure how you can handle a third cutlet, as the two you get with these plates is plenty filling for me. 🙂

  2. I live in this area ….. Don’sta was closed a couple of times by Fraser Health, so hopefully these are brand new operators to match up with the newish brand.

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