Calgary Hot Plate Restaurant – Calgary, AB

Calgary Hot Plate Restaurant
714-5075 Falconridge Blvd NE
Calgary, AB
(403) 590-1244

“Kebab and naan,” he says, “that’s all I ever get”.

Just that alone got me to agree to having a quick dinner at this little place in the heart of Calgary’s East Indian community.  Coming in from the bristling December winter cold, the aromas alone were a much needed welcome.  Order at the counter, scan the specials board along with the regular menu sheet.  Simple process and setup.  Sit down and wait…

Out comes the warm square bowl of Chicken Qorma – with some good sized chunks of breast meat braised slowly in a combination of spices to create a velvety yogurt curry.  A definitive spicy kick to this mixture, instantaneously you feel the heat rip across your tongue along with the intoxicating flavors.  The accompanying huge plate-sized rounds of freshly made naan at first seem like a little much, but soon you’re ripping them apart and wondering if you might run out.

Beef Seekh Kebab is the real meaty treat here.  Seasoned ground beef and spices, rolled out onto a skewer and barbecued.  Honest and simple.  Straight up flavors, with a beautiful crust formed on the outside all around, but a quick bite inside reveals a still juicy interior of beefy goodness.  The side dips were a nice touch too, but for some reason I was more enthralled by the meat just on its own.

All this food for two and paying just over twenty dollars seemed somewhat a crime, on the part of the patrons.  Its not much to look at in terms of decor but as my host said upon his initial suggestion of this place, it’s all about the food.  A wise man.  Who was he you ask?  The Foodosopher of course!  In one of his rare sightings on North American soil before he ventures off on yet another long adventure abroad… wish him well folks!

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2 thoughts on “Calgary Hot Plate Restaurant – Calgary, AB

  1. Oh my goodness, that looks heavenly. Unfortunately, when I used to live in Calgary many years ago as a newly immigrated high schooler, I was only intoxicated by the beef. 🙂

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