Little Monk Pretzels – Burnaby, BC

Little Monk Pretzels
Metropolis At Metrotown
101-4820 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 434-1090

The other day I made soft pretzels at home as I suddenly had a craving for it on a lazy weekend afternoon.  In a wild coincidence, on a shopping outing at this busy mall recently, I came upon this little stall called Little Monk Pretzels near the end where you find the Superstore, that makes pretty much the same thing I had baked up in my kitchen.  With a few other fast food/treat options in this alley of  Metropolis at Metrotown, I’m sure it catches quite a few customers coming out of their grocery shopping excursions with food on their minds.  Now what monks have to do with pretzels, its unknown to me, but seeing a group of customers congregating right in front of the food stand, it got me curious…

A rather simplistic production, as I could see a man in the back who was laying out pre-made dough, all cut up into bite sized pieces and running them through a little oven-like machine that operated with a conveyer belt.  After getting a verbal order from the people manning the cash machine, he would run some product through – on this day its these little balls of soft pretzels that were most popular.

Various flavors/toppings (sweet and savory) are available, but I opted for the standard Parmesan cheese with garlic powder mixed in.  Before the flavorings were applied, the hot balls of dough were swirled around in a melted butter bath, and then it it was all mixed together and placed in a plastic cup for serving. Soft, chewy textures of pretzels is my preference over the more crustier and harder twisted pretzels out there, so this hit the spot.

For something as basic as this, I’m sure there are many of you who would cringe at purchasing this to eat.  The cost per pretzel ball when you really think about it, given the really minimal ingredients involved, might also have you questioning the idea of reaching for your wallet for this at the mall.  But as a really comforting snack on the way out of battling the crowds of teenagers here, I felt a little twinge of happiness as I headed back to my car.

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