Foodosophy of Food Film

I am currently diving into, well perhaps I should rephrase that given the laborious pace at which I am reading, a book that focuses on the role that big business is playing in the global world of food production, processing and ultimately on food supplies.  Once I complete getting through it, I might put up a post about it and share what I took out of it.

But for now, let me turn to another related topic, that of food sustainability and more about the very basic function of food in our lives.  I am positive that those of us who actually devote our personal time to writing these kinds of blogs hold food in high regard, truly enjoy it and are adventurous in our exploration of what is out there to eat.

Throw in the social aspect of eating and dining and its probably one of the most enjoyable things we have in our lives.

And the best part of it is you can partake in it daily!

Motion pictures are also a major personal interest of yours truly.  Real stories, documentaries in particular are what I enjoy collecting and watching.  It was brought to my attention that there is a unique little production out of Japan called eatrip, that has been shown in other film festivals and will be having a single night screening tonight here in Vancouver.  Don’t worry, it will have English subtitles. (Ignore the show details in the poster below, that was from a San Francisco screening – I just wanted to share some English language messaging about the film that I’d found).

The topics being weaved through this documentary include an exploration of the universal relationships that food brings about, taking viewers through the nation of Japan’s rural and urban areas and let them see the simple aspects of daily eating.   From what I can tell, there is a strong spiritual element that appeals to me and has me wanting to check it out at some point.

For a quick peak, here’s the trailer. Also, go check out the official website here.

Dear readers, are there any other food-themed movies of late you’ve come across or viewed that you’d recommend?

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