Capital City Brewing Company – Washington, DC

Capital City Brewing Company
1100 New York Ave NW
Washington, DC
(202) 628-2222

Hot summer weather.  And cold beer.  Goes well together don’t you think?  I must be mentally trying to keep the summer alive with today’s post, reflecting on my July visit to the east coast of the US.

As an escape from the humid heat that was still blanketing the city even in the late afternoon, a group of us ducked into the nearest, air conditioned gastropub for a quick hit before our dinner plans.  As we were expecting some vehicles to pick us up, we had plenty of time to kill.  And with the drivers taken care of,  a license to drink as well.  The formula for a good start to the night!

In a bizarre twist, on this evening, the main part of the bar at Capitol City Brewing was taken over by a private function.  Ducking into a side door however allowed us to grab a booth in one of the very few remaining spots non reserved for the larger party already going on.  Aside from that mishap, the Happy Hour menu was in full force still, much to our delight.  With some marks on the menu signifying which food dishes were on for a special $5 price each, it was easy pickings, although we perhaps went a touch heavy on the volume consider we were still planning a big all-you-can-eat dinner in a few hours time.

While I was more focused on sipping back my solo pint of beer (as reward to myself after another long day of work), I didn’t give much input into the quad of dishes that were chosen to snack on.  The flavors were bold, that’s what I remember taking from this first of all, among all the choices we got.  Garlic in particular featured prominently in say the hummus dip, and even the calamari.  For the discounted price, the offering were nothing to be disappointed with, quantities remained fully proportioned as far as I could tell too.  No skimping, all good.

As it wasn’t a deliberate destination spot by any means and the focus for me was not the food, I don’t have much more to share on this place, other than to say for what it was worth, a random stopover, it fit the bill perfectly.  Clean, service being prompt despite the dedicated party going on, and the food was nothing that I’d turn away for that price.  Felt very chain-like in operation though so for those who want a more homey pub feel, perhaps Capitol City Brewing might not be up your alley.
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