Fraser Park Restaurant – Burnaby, BC

Fraser Park Restaurant
4663 Byrne Road
Burnaby, BC
(604) 433-7605

I’ve now had five separate meals at this surprisingly popular establishment (considering its location!) and felt it was time to weigh in with a post to join the multitude that exist about it when I look at the listing on Urbanspoon.  Meals during the morning breakfast hours as well as closer to the noon lunch time service have given me a good sense of what can be had here (with a sampling of some photos below).  And to sum it up simply, its a lot!  Portion sizes are truly on the generous size.  Perhaps fitting for the hard labour, blue collar working folks who I see frequenting the establishment often, mixed in with some people who obviously don’t work in the industrial businesses that populate this stretch of Byrne Road but are here simply for a hearty meal.

Through the regular menu items and the daily specials, a few have stood out for me in terms of the excitement upon ordering them, having them brought out in front of me so my eyes could understand what I was in for, and then of course the tasting of each dish.   I’ve sheepishly mentioned this place around to various people in my circles and have even brought some of them with me to eat.  The look on their faces when we pull into the parking lot says it all, its the last place they thought I’d bring them too.  Thankfully the food saves me each and every time.  As I’ve never had any complaints walking out about their disappointment with any of the meals.

I guess that brings up another side topic that could probably be flushed out in a general foodosophy post.  Framed around the idea of something like, “how does your reputation as a food lover rise or fall based on any recommendations you’ve make to others you personally know?”, or “what factors come into mind when you draft lists of places to eat as recommendations for others you know, when asked by them?”.

Returning to the topic at hand.  I’d say my most positive meals have been the humongous German breakfast that I literally have attempted to finish twice without feeling any abdominal pain afterwards due to overeating, but unsuccessful each time.  The other has to be the beef dip that I’ve had my eye on since my virgin visit, but had the chance to try for the first time on my latest trip here.  Both on the savoury side of things, with plenty of meat protein to fill you up.  Some might say the accompanying dip and soup with the beef dip is on the salty side, but I could handle it.

I simply can’t wait for someone else to ask me if I’m free for breakfast or lunch and want to go to the south Burnaby area.  I’ll say, “ya, I know a diner we should try”… and then wait for that look as we walk up to the front door.

Fraser Park Restaurant on Urbanspoon

One thought on “Fraser Park Restaurant – Burnaby, BC

  1. Can’t say I know of too many places that gives you the kind of quality and quantity you get here. Every time I visit I know I’m in for a gutload. I don’t think I’ve ever completely cleaned a plate good ol’ Anton has served me. Things can be a bit salty but the care he puts into his homemade meats are worth the drive. Gotta try one of his Breakfast Ciabattas. They look massive!

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