Go Fish – Vancouver, BC

Go Fish Ocean Emporium
1505 W 1st Avenue
Vancouver, BC
(604) 730-5040

“Thirty minute wait for anything fried and ten minutes for the grilled items”.  That’s what was being hollered out to the still not fully depleted lineup as the last business hour of the day approached this fine sunny weekend day.   With hungry bellies, our rat pack of five quickly huddled and decided we’d opt for the healthier and quicker grilled menu choices, and that was by no means a default as these creations as you’ll see here did not disappoint or a downgrade to the more popular deep fried dishes like their fish ‘n chips.

In reality, the wait was indeed longer than advertised, but I assumed their time clock began once they could actually begin cooking your order, and not from the point of time when the order was actually received and paid for at the til.  But with the nearby bench seating providing a view like this, the clock moving slowly isn’t all bad…

Tacones.  Grilled Salmon and Seared Tuna were the two choices on the daily specials board.  Priced at 1 for $5.50 or 2 for ten bucks (mixing permitted).  The seared salmon was flavored in a decidedly Asian-style, with the wasabi mayonnaise and nori.  Delicate to eat and some nice flaky chunks of fish with a distinct scent from the grill, perfectly cooked despite the busy kitchen.  I was impressed they could maintain some semblance of quality control amid the chaos.  The accompanying coleslaw was on the drier side in terms of dressing and it was more bitter in overall flavor than anything else, which I didn’t particularly enjoy on its own.

Seared Tuna Sandwich ($12).  Wedged inside the two pieces of bread was a smorgasbord of toppings and flavorings: a basil infused guacamole, tomatoes, caramelized onions, greens (organic) and the same wasabi mayo from the tacones.   They had the Grilled Salmon Sandwich priced at just a dollar lower, and this was enhanced with a roasted zucchini and red pepper chipotle and tartar mayonnaises, and organic baby greens.  Again, the fish was nicely cooked, as you can see by the color tones stretching from edge to middle.  Nothing worse than really dried out fish from the grill with no moisture or tenderness remaining.

If I had to choose between the tuna and salmon, it could have gone either way as they were both fresh and flavorful.  The vehicle in which they were placed however had a clear winner in my books, as the less busier tortilla really brought the star ingredient to the forefront, where in between the sandwich bun, there was just too much “packaging” going on.  Make sure to get to this little stand before the closing hour is up, as if there is a lineup, you’ll be asked to go check out their other location up on West Broadway and Granville St., as some late arriving tourists I saw were told.

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