88 Supermarket – Vancouver, BC

88 Supermarket
4801 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC
(604) 876-2128

88 Supermarket is one of the many reasons why I feel privileged living in the East Side.

As an avid cook and general enthusiast in all things pertaining food, I’m always on the lookout for great sources for ingredients. When I am cooking Southeast Asian food, I would usually head on over to stock up.

88 Supermarket is a Vietnamese run supermarket that specializes in groceries and produce from Southeast Asia – namely Vietnam, Thailand and the Philippines. Of note is their selection of impeccably fresh herbs and condiments. The variety and quality of herbs here is astounding. Here, you can purchase the some pretty uncommon herbs. Not only can you get the commonly found mints, basil, rau ram, et al., but you the harder to find crab claw, la lot, rice patty herb. There is small selection of souring fruits such as Java plum, and small Vietnamese limes (which is similar but not the same as the Filipino kalamansi). The only other store that can rival (and frankly exceed) the selection is at Hen Long all the way in Surrey.

Equally as impressive is the stock for fish sauces/pastes and vinegars. There dozens of bottles from Vietnam, Thailand, and the Philippines. The selection of Filipino brands exceed that of most Filipino grocers. I am a bit of a condiment hound and I have already amassed way too many bottles of obscure condiments in my now limited pantry. Their frozen goods also impress – green jackfruit, snails, river fish, salted crab.

If you are a serious cook of South East Asian cuisines and have not been to this place, please do yourself a favour and go now.

This article has been cross-posted from Wisemonkeys.

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