Serious Pie – Seattle, WA

Serious Pie
316 Virginia Street
Seattle, WA
(206) 838-7388

There are definitely folks out there who take their pizza seriously.  It’s no joking matter to them.  From the in-depth discussions about the best kinds of flour to use, the optimal oven environments and of course the ideal toppings to make the perfect pie, the discussion will never result in everyone agreeing on one definitive pizza as the “best”.  At foodosophy, we’ve certainly not been shy about expressing our thoughts and sharing our experiences at various pizzerias around North America as can be seen here, here, here, here, here, here, here, and here.  Wow, that was a lot.  And not all of them either. 🙂

Now from the Tom Douglas empire comes a boldly named enterprise that would apparently be an apt gathering spot for interesting gourmands willing and able to discuss all things pizza.  Serious Pie.  Just adore that name.  On this visit to Seattle, we had this particular address programmed into our minds but by shear chance, we walked right past the other location in South Lake Union, after checking out the nearby Tesla car showroom.  But keeping with our agenda, we hoofed it back to Virginia Street as we weren’t quite hungry yet after our late morning meal back at Toulouse Petit.

The crowd was certainly already buzzing when we arrived at the front door, which was left open to allow the restaurant to cool somewhat, no doubt needed with those hot applewood-burning ovens.  The decor had a rustic but modern wood cabin/bunker feel to it, and benefited greatly from the long side filled with glass windows facing the sidewalk on this steeply angled street.  Immediately being spotted by one of the servers, we made our way to one of the larger rectangular tables with high stool seating towards the back of the space.

With so many interesting sounding pizza selections, it can make for a task just deciding what to eat.  Ashamed as I am, I’ll come out up front and say it.  There was a little kid, must have been about twelve years old with his family a few tables over from us, who was scarfing down a whole pizza all by himself.  But me and my lunch companion, both much larger in size than he, sheepishly looked at one another and quietly asked, “do you wanna just split one?”.  Coming all this way and with the express intent of trying Serious Pie and only having the chance to taste the flavors of one was in hindsight, a darn shame.

Rather than go with one of the choices in the printed menu booklet, we opted instead for one of the special combinations.  Pork belly and arugula were the featured items on this creation.  When you first see the full pie coming towards you in the arms of a server, you don’t get that immediate wow factor.  It looks really homemade with an uneven shape to the perimeter of the base and is cut up roughly into sections for easier eating.  A cross cut reveals the clear blistering/bubbling of the dough on the exterior near the crust side, with clearer color and texture striations in the slice itself.  A good balance between the softer, chewier inside with the high temp cooked outside.  It stood up well too, no sogginess or sagging when you picked it up in your hands, despite some slices having more toppings than others, thus weighing it down some more.

Serious Pie was also seriously salty.  But in a good way.  It seemed to be within the dough and the cheese primarily, but almost like it was a piece of grilled protein and had some finishing pinches of salt sprinkled on top before it left the kitchen.  It did not turn me off, neither my pizza sharing partner on this day, but it left a lasting impression.  I wonder if its the same with the others or only for this version we tried?  More investigation is needed.  All in all, it was seriously good.  And I’ll be back.  And wish we had this up in Canada.  Seriously.

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