Guu With Garlic – Vancouver, BC

Guu With Garlic
1698 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 685-8678

It would seem I’m slowly making my way to checking out all those izakaya that I’ve heard about the past five years or so that I’ve subconsciously been avoiding deliberately since I perhaps harbor some  bias in that I will no doubt mentally compare them to all the great ones I’ve been to in Japan.  Alas, Guu seems to have won me over as I’ve now been to several of their stations and will perhaps make my rounds to them all one day.  This particular visit was the back end of a night out with an old friend visiting Vancouver for a short business trip.  In reality in keeping with true Japanese salaryman tradition, we should have reversed the order, but oh well.

Immediately after our hearty meal, I’m surprised we were able to down a short but steady stream of nama beeruAsahi was the pick on this evening.  A visit to an izakaya just wouldn’t be the same without some cold ones, so once again, glancing over the the folks seated at the counter bar with us who were just drinking water just made me shake my head.  Its like dressing up to go to the ball, but not engaging in any dancing, I just don’t understand.   🙂

With our earlier consumed meal still in the early stages of digestion and some drinks already down the hatch, neither of us were extremely interested in selecting anything from the menu, but alas, we dove right in.  Portion wise, what we ended up selecting was just right, as we were on the cusp of bursting.  A duo of nakotsu karaage, giving off two different but expected texture sensations as only this can do.  The accompanying salt/pepper mixture didn’t really do much for me, as I prefer the refreshing splash of some lemon juice to help cut through the richness of the deep fried (as thin as it was) exterior.  Sorry foodosopher, I indulged in this dish again without your presence.  🙂

Generously dressed greens shining with the refreshing fruity dressing, with some assorted cuts of fresh fish such as salmon and decorated with tobiko.  The sashimi salad was a spectacular find which I truly enjoyed.  As simple as a good honest salad is, I find it hard to make a really solid one that blows me away and never have I really had one I could delve into with abandon when dining outside.  This one really hit the spot for me with its variety of flavors and textures, and the seafood really made it all roll together nicely.  I guess I will never be a full on vegetarian as I do need even the slightest bit of animal protein to really satisfy my hunger.

Guu continues to be g’uud.

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3 thoughts on “Guu With Garlic – Vancouver, BC

  1. The Guu’s don’t take their food seriously – but in a good way. I think that is the essence of their success.

    Despite the plethora of izakaya downtown, I always gravitate to the Guu’s.

  2. Since its opening Robson Guu still is the best izakaya in town… best value, best food, and best izakaya atmosphere most closely resembling my experience in Japan…

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