Sciue Italian Bakery – Vancouver, BC

Sciue Italian Bakery
800 W Pender St
Vancouver, BC
(604) 602-7263

A spacious and bright space benefiting from the fantastic natural lighting that floods through the large glass walls, Sciue Italian Bakery is perhaps best known for two items.  The first being the Pane Romano, described to me as a crispy flat bread/pizza like slice adorned with various Mediterranean-influenced toppings.  The other is the Paninoteca, traditional Italian sandwiches.  I’ve seen many a public transit rider carrying one of this place’s branded to-go cups of hot or cold liquids as well over the years.

Several types of the Roman-style pizza were laid out on the counter ready-made.  I wasn’t sure if they were to be re-heated slightly upon ordering but apparently mine was not.  You can essentially dictate how much you want as a serving, asking the server to cut off as small or as large a piece as you desire.  Prices were calculated by weight.  Despite the seemingly heavy layering of toppings covering the slices I chose, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they did not soak into the base layer, thus keeping the bottom intact.

A knife and fork was used initially to eat this but soon discarded for the hands on approach.  I think the bread base was tougher and denser than I had anticipated.  In hindsight, I wish they could have heated this up a bit as served room temperature warm, I wasn’t feeling that the aromas of everything was coming out as it could have been.  Flavors were typical of what I’d associate with a fresh made product, no complaints on that.

With an espresso bar also on hand, I could not let the meal go without a latte.  A simple but cleanly done bit of artwork completed the picture.  The coffee itself was just fine too.

On the opposite end of the angled counter that separated the staff from customers/dining area was a sweets/baked goods selection.  Not allowing this to pass either, to wrap up our meal a single sugary doughnut was ordered.  Very fluffy on the inside, without a really doughy texture that I find I do not enjoy with doughnuts, not that I eat them very often.

Judging from the occupied tables and continual flow of customers inside, I gather its a well known and popular destination for the weekend neighborhood walker.  If I lived nearby, I reckon I’d find my way here more often, with the welcoming seating area.

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