Kawawa Ramen – Burnaby, BC

Kawawa Ramen
4700 Kingsway
Burnaby, BC
(604) 435-8577

Another of the local Vancouver area bloggers first brought Kawawa Ramen in Metropolis at Metrotown to my attention.  I can recall the post about the place next door (under the same Kawawa umbrella) had several hilarious points that are common to his style of writing and its remained one of his classic reviews filled with disappointment about his meal.  So much so that whenever he encounters a pathetic food experience, Kawawa becomes a direct reference point in how bad it really is.  All this didn’t phase me however from eventually checking it out – perhaps mainly just to join in the hilarity – and check out some of their offerings.  So here goes…

The basic ramen.  Added the hard boiled egg.  Broth was on the thicker side but rather flat in terms of flavor.  Not extremely salty, but just completely uninteresting without any depth.  I’m not sure of the exact composition of their base broth, but it can’t be something that is getting much love and attention, and a careful building of layers over extended periods of cooking time.  The noodles while drowned in the liquid were somewhat clumped together in an awkward mess, making drawing some out to eat slightly difficult.  Chalky in taste too and overdone with no bite left in them.  If you haven’t gathered by now, I’m not a huge fan.

With the warmer summer weather, it felt right to give their version of hiyashichuka (cold noodles) a go-over.  As you can collect from viewing the photo below…

Not much variety on the toppings, really missing the visual impact.  The dressing was a soy-citrus, my preferred choice over say the goma (sesame) type, which was acceptable.  The noodles seemed to be much different from the ones found in the hot soup bowls.  Almost instant-like in appearance and texture.  In fact, I’d hazard they are.  Compared to the weak broth, I’d have to give the win to this dish over the other.  That said, it wasn’t mind blowing delicious and did nothing to make me desire to come back and have it again – I could do better making it at home myself.

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