Japadog (Waterfront Station) – Vancouver, BC

Japadog (Waterfront Station)
600 W Cordova St
Vancouver, BC

Much is already out there about the Japadog phenomenon.  Your truly has had his fair share of dogs at some of their outlets, but this one at the Waterfront Station was a first timer.  Melding in with the throngs of visiting tourists fresh off the cruise ship and wandering around Gastown was interesting to say the least, and I could do some casual observing of how they interacted with our fair city.  A few minutes near the Japadog cart was a key highlight.  I’m sure many of them had no clue what was going on or being offered here.

I haven’t bothered to keep up to date with the latest flavor combinations but this #6 on the menu board, the Gokudare, seemed something fresh.  I should have investigated further.  But alas, I got drawn to the classics.  This time the #2, Kurobuta.  I love how they have dubbed it the MVP – the Most Valuable Pork.  I’m torn if that’s the result of a clever play on words or some odd Engrish creation…

The pork sausage was as I remembered.  Having a nice crisp first bite through the casing, and a juicy, fatty texture of meat inside.  Substantial too with the laden on sauces and other toppings.  I think perhaps the sweetness of the sauce has been toned down a bit, as I recall it being more sugary in the past.  Again, it could just be a standard adjustment that’s been made over time that has totally gone undetected by me, as I don’t eat these very regularly.  The slightly toasted bun is an appreciated touch for me still.  All in all, Japadog still scores high when it comes to street meat.  But with all the new competition they have in the downtown core, they must be fretting with how to come up with new exciting combinations to keep the natives satisfied, while still trying to capture newbies (both locals and foreign visitors alike).

On this day, it seemed they were a hit with the latter.  As I’d heard some French, and possibly Czech-speaking folks all indulging in some dogs and devouring them under the steady hot sun of the day.

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2 thoughts on “Japadog (Waterfront Station) – Vancouver, BC

  1. Ya, I saw that episode too. I was surprised how much time they allocated to covering the stand. I guess having the proprietor on hand justified the full on coverage! 🙂

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