Uptown Espresso & Bakery (Queen Anne) – Seattle, WA

Uptown Espresso & Bakery
525 Queen Anne Ave N
Seattle, WA
(206) 285-3757
Mon-Thu 5am – 10pm, Fri 5am – 11pm, Sat 6am – 11pm, Sun 6am – 10pm

I’ve come to discover that one of the best things of having a base in Vancouver is its close proximity to the United States and a decent sized city that is very much like the one in B.C.   In less than three hours, you can be in Seattle, and have a chance to explore new sights and places to eat and drink, and still be able to get home and sleep in your own bed.  Can’t say I could do the same living in two major centers in Alberta like I did over the years.

First stop after arriving in town was at a breakfast place, where we got on the waiting list – to be written about later. We then walked down the street for some morning caffeine.  It was close and convenient, no pre-planning in effect.  A shame I know, given that Seattle is reputed to be a great coffee town.

A few chairs and tables were laid out front on the sidewalk and occupied.  Inside, it was darker and the first thing I noticed was the large swarm of flies that were spinning in the air near the coffee bar.  Not a good sign.  Certainly not an appetizing one given this was to be the start of my eating/drinking on the day.  A pair of baristas were manning the machines in the back corner, and quick scan of the menu board hanging from above, led me to this…

Here’s the Mezzo from Uptown Expresso.

Supposedly they are known for their “velvet foam” or how they steam their milk in a slightly more dense, creamy consistency. It did nothing to temper the heat of the coffee though, this was pretty scorching hot. Not so great.  I’ve learned a lot this past year about how crucial temperature is to making a good cup and being able to enjoy it.  I think this was lost on the young lady who made my drink.  Some burnt tones and lava hot liquid just reminded me of the horrible stuff you get at Starbucks.  Not exactly the start I wanted on this day… 😦

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