Aoki Sushi – Vancouver, BC

Aoki Sushi
1888 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 731-5577

I think it was Vancouver Slop that first wrote about and caught my attention about this little business on West Broadway, along with various bits of positive chatter on other food forums.  Again, much like Clubhouse, it sure doesn’t have a lot going for it as far as curb appeal goes.  There are days when I’m looking for just some simple, budget priced sushi, which has led me to duck into numerous nondescript spots just to try and uncover a gem.  For the most part, I’ve taken way to many hits for the team and have come away disappointed in many a sushi place in Vancouver.  So while my interest was up along with my expectations, I tried to keep them tempered in case I was in for another let down…

Now I think I’ve heard rumors of a new management although they have kept everything the same.  I think I’d heard a Japanese couple used to own this place, but no longer judging by the other Asian language I heard being spoke by the sole female server and the man behind the sushi bar.  After perusing the menu booklet laden with photos, my dining partner and I elected to go with various nigiri sushi and a roll.  The latter was something dubbed  a Crunch Roll, covered on the outside by tempura bits.  Texturally it was surely different.  I had one piece, and since I’m not a regular maki eater, I’ll leave my comments just at that.

Of the individual pieces of sushi that we ordered, the toro (fatty tuna) and shake (salmon) were perhaps the best of the lot, with the tako (octopus) being the weakest as it just oozed out water like a sponge having not been de-thawed properly.  The rice was decently put together, with adequate amount of seasoning.  Formed well enough, not too tight nor overly loose.  Size wise, I think the average Canadian customer will appreciate the slightly larger than normal size.  Its no monster, but big enough to limit complaints.

I suppose its safe to say that this little joint will go on my list for everyday sushi at average prices.  I wouldn’t go to it for a true destination in a quest for the highest quality ingredients, but I wouldn’t feel bad about handing over my hard earned money to eat here either.  And I suppose that is all I can ask for.  With tempered expectations and simple surroundings, Aoki Sushi is a safe bet for yours truly.  Lord knows, I have taken my fair share of shots with bad sushi on this very road, so I walked away content in more ways than one.

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4 thoughts on “Aoki Sushi – Vancouver, BC

  1. Funny, I ate there a month ago and just like you said, for cheap non-descript sushi places they were alright in my books. It is what it is.

    I think you meant the tako wasn’t *thawed* properly. De-thaw sounds like re-freezing 😉

  2. Almost identical problem 4 years ago – unthawed squid (ika) – that was plain gross…

    Sorry, you only get one chance from me in a town with so many choices…

  3. Hey Shokutsu,

    Sushi Aoki was sold alright. I haven’t been back for a while, but I remember the the standards had slid a bit since the new owner took over. The ojisan with the pokemon (or chongmage) mask used to be very generous with his chirashi don, but the new owner skimped a bit the last time I was there and I decided to stop going. I suppose there might be other items worth trying, maybe I’ll go back for another review.


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