Vin Room – Calgary, AB

Vin Room
2310 4 St SW
Calgary, AB
(403) 457-5522

This is going back a short little while but I was in southern Alberta just as the Royals were visiting and the city was gearing up for the Stampede.  Hectic times to be sure and the weather was cooperating (although I’ve heard its become cooler since I was in town).  It made for a few social outings, including this visit to a seemingly popular wine spot/lounge/restaurant on busy 4th street called the Vin Room.  As it was already around 7pm by the time we arrived, and the 2nd floor patio was full of people aside from a row at the narrow counter directly facing the street until a booth opened up, that’s where our night began.  Here’s my view.

In hand was a glass of the 2009 Schug Sauvignon Blanc (Sonoma, United States).  Whenever I drink wine or beer, I like to start things off light and this variety hit the spot with its bright and lively flavours.  I’m no oenophile  but I’m sure others would enjoy this refreshing wine as well.   The wines-by-the-glass service they had here must have included at least over sixty types, broken up in their listings by various taste profiles, perfect for easy selection.  The food menu was noted as being complementary of the wines as well, although by the time we had a few rounds, our minds began wandering elsewhere on this street to get our eat on, and we ended up not ordering a single food dish.

All the more surprising since I was there with a group of ladies.  It sure shocked me when they took a look at the food choices and asked me if I wanted to go somewhere else for something more substantial! 🙂  I guess small plates/tapas don’t satisfy everyone’s tastes.  For prices in the $5~$15 range for most, I was curious to know what the portions were like but certainly on paper, it didn’t seem like a place for a full on, sit down meal.  The crowd that was on this sunny patio top were in the early-thirties range for the most part, females dominated the scene as well.  A nice little spot for relaxing and hanging out quietly I thought.  If you can put up with a bit of street noise, its a fine spot.  The retro-lover in me adored how the vintage signage from the former bike shop that lived here was still visible from the structure, just below the counter where we first sat.

And with my head buzzing nicely, off I was to the YYC to catch my flight out of town.  Nice to see The Bow building sprouting up nicely, should be ready in nine months or so time I hear.  You can kind of make it out in the far distance, the structure on the left.  Small note for visitors to Calgary who need to hire transport.  Recommend you get a ride from an Associated Cab, the ones that are authorized for pickups at the airport as well when you arrive.  The rest of the companies in this town seem to have the worst maintained cars, the most unruly and scary drivers I’ve ever seen, who seem to think the Deerfoot is their own personal Autobahn.  Frightening stuff I tell you.  Luckily the one I flagged down on the street was from the right company.

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