Burgers Etc. BBQ House – Burnaby, BC

Burgers Etc. BBQ House
4091 Hastings Street
Burnaby, BC
(604) 299-8959

Summer is here on the west coast and its amazing so far!  When this season comes around I believe that barbecuing and burgers for the most part, come front and center to many people’s eating patterns…

I hadn’t realized that this business along east Hastings was one that was so well covered already in the past by numerous other local bloggers, so I won’t delve too deeply into the history or general background in this post. The colorful exterior of this building is one that I’ve passed by many times on trips to the SFU area and I finally made a stopover after a morning spent out hiking in North Van. For a quiet Sunday afternoon, I was surprised to see a few customers already inside and a few more straggled in after me. Its not too large a dining area and tight fitting along the window perhaps. Simple and neat is how I’d sum it up. A typical burger shack.

With the single minded focus that I had to order a basic hamburger here, that is indeed what I called for when the portly waitress came to chat me up. I must admit though, I did flicker for a brief second when I saw the pulled pork as well as beef brisket sandwiches, considering I did see BBQ House on their front signage. Perhaps another day.

Initial thoughts on the burger.  A very chewy bun to start.  Really had to sink your teeth in and pull/tear it apart to digest.  Some will like it, some I imagine will not.  The base of the bun seemed less “sturdy” as it really got soaked up by the sauces and condiments layered on top, making for that awkwardness when you end up having more top bun/burger patty in your hands than bottom supporting bun piece.  Not really smoothly worded, but hope you get the point.  Burger patty was nicely charred, done to medium-well, although I felt it was lacking in fat content to give it a nice juicy texture.    Seasoning of it was decent, but suffered from the overall dryness.  Not cardboard bad, but approaching that dangerous zone.  The flavorings inside did not much for me, aside from the standard mayo and ketchup, and lettuce/tomato/red onions, you could get additional toppings for added charges.

I requested the coleslaw as my added side dish; I believe the other options at the time were baked beans, corn, and potato salad.  No further comment on that, aside from saying that it lacked some acidity/brightness for my tastes.

To wash it all down, I got the somewhat pricy option in their Boylan Bottle Co. root beer. Nice bottle though. 🙂

With a good grade barbecue grill at home, some high quality ingredients and careful preparation, I feel I could concoct a burger that would be just as good as the offering I had here.  Or at the very least, more satisfying to taste.   I feel that I’ve not yet had an amazing burger in my lifetime – not that I consume a lot of them in general anymore – so I’m a little underwhelmed by a lot that I’ve had and perhaps am less enthusiastic relative to most.  Except for the true value ones that pack a flavorful punch.  I’m not really into those really gourmet type hamburgers, nor those that cost an arm and a leg.  Comfort food is what I associate burgers as.  On that note, Burgers Etc. did hit the mark, with their pricing and presentation.  Again, just one man’s opinion.

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5 thoughts on “Burgers Etc. BBQ House – Burnaby, BC

  1. Good write-up and pretty valid, Shoku. I’ve heard the exact sentiments from other folk. My personal burger experience there was on par with yours. The only difference was that I added bacon, cheese and lots of ketchup to moisten it up. The BBQ was also on the dry side except for the brisket. Virtually everything I’ve tried there seems to have been pre-prepared and reheated to order.

    • Thanks as usual Karl for dropping by and sharing your thoughts on a place you’ve also tried out. I perhaps should have considered the extra toppings, but as it was my first visit, I wanted to see it as “naked” as possible to form my own opinion. The reheated thing does sound sad though. I wonder if the same with the burger patties takes place when they are really busy (eg. lunch time rush)?

  2. I totally hear ya! I almost retired burgers from my diet because of too many disappointing ones…. but then I had my faith restored. Don’t give up!

    • No matter how disappointing or just underwhelming a burger is in some places, I don’t think they will ever disappear from my diet. I frankly like them too much, and in some places, its the “safest” thing to order from weaker menus. 🙂 If you have any recommendations for good ones to try, please drop me a line!

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