Foodosophy – Reboot

So, i figure if you’re still checking our site out, we’ve managed to disappoint you with our lack of content for sometime. I’d apologize, but really, we’ve been pursuing things we love, so i guess there’s nothing to apologize for. But I would like to change this by posting a bit more often.

I’m sitting on photos and notes from about 400-500 restaurants around the world. I’ll probably never get to posting them all, but i will try and highlight some unknown, out of the way experiences, or some really great ones. My question for you, our loyal readers, is how you would like to see a large chunk of this content posted. Would you prefer briefer, by the numbers, straight up blurbs on many places, or would you prefer fewer posts, but in more depth, detail and discussion?

I’ll give you guys a week to let me know, and then i’ll do my best to work on some content that might interest you.

Thanks for sticking with us.


8 thoughts on “Foodosophy – Reboot

  1. Before we hopefully hear a truckload of feedback to your question…

    You have to let us know what the heck is that photo about? 🙂 Is it the entrance to the black hole of 400+ places to eat that you’ve yet to let us in on over these years?

    Back to your query, I for one, am looking forward to hearing all about your most recent exotic travels (and seeing our list of countries reported from grow) for sure! In any shape and any form you (or the reading public) so desires!

    Welcome back foodosopher, welcome back!

  2. I like short blurbs on many places but if the place is exceptional, then maybe something more in depth. I love reading your blog and really trust your reviews!! I also really enjoy reading travel posts.

  3. I like longer write ups on places that warrant it, and shorter blurbs on your average mediocre joint. That way we have the best of both worlds. Basically write longer when the spirit moves ya!

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