foodography – spot prawn festival

This past Saturday (May 7th), The Chef’s Table Society of B.C. once again hosted their Annual Spot Prawn Festival at False Creek’s Fishermen’s Wharf to kick start the approximately two month long B.C spot prawn season which brings live, locally sourced and sustainable spot prawns right to the city’s citizens.

Along with the popular prawn boil meal (and sampling of local wines, craft beers and coffee) that attracts the city’s residents to come out (despite the chilly, rainy weather!), there were several chefs’ demonstrations (featuring representation from many well known restaurants such as Bishop’s, Tojo’s, Crave, and more), as well as some other kid-friendly activities to round out the gathering.

Though the spot prawns on the docks were the main draw, other fishermen had their supplies of other fish and seafood, so some fresh uni was also purchased on-site as well, to add to a few meals that were prepared at home this weekend.

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4 thoughts on “foodography – spot prawn festival

    • With an 11am start, getting out of bed wasn’t much trouble for our group. Although I did notice that if you showed up even just an hour later, the lineups had grown exponentially. The weather did improve by that point too. There’s always next year Kevin! 🙂

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