Foodosophy – Restaurants Recognizing Reviews

I hate to use the term “reviews” in this case, as frankly I don’t think that’s what we’re really doing here on this site that is being used by our crew of writers to rather just share experiences and ideas more than anything else.  They just happen to take place most of the time in places to eat or where one can purchase food and drink for basic sustenance our just outright pleasure.  But the triple-R alliteration was just too hard to pass up…

A reason for me drafting this commentary today is that I noticed that yet another active restaurant with its very own online presence has linked back to one of our previous posts by one of our stronger and frankly more food knowledgeable writers.  I think you’ll see a trend in this regard when we continue to see who’s posts have gained some external recognition.  No shokutsu in sight. 🙂

I applaud those establishments that are proactively seeking out what the populace, and more important their local customers are saying about their experiences, as that kind of feedback (when its known to be genuine, truthful and honest – and not an all out shill) can only help shape any perceived flaws into something that can be carefully examined and improved upon by those who have the power to do so.  Be it simple items such as “too small print on the menu”, “too much salt on the steaks” to the more serious “bathrooms were a mess” kind of verbatim, it can only aid in future customers’ experiences.  As with any business, its always important to listen to your paying clients, as without them, you will soon be shuttered up and frankly, out of your livelihood.  And in the restaurant business as you know, its plenty hard enough as it is, so why not put your best foot forward.

At a more rudimentary level, we thank those proprietors and savvy web users for taking the time out of their business schedules to check out our thoughts and using our impartial voice to help explain to existing and prospective customers, what it is you are doing and offering when it comes to your hard work and preparations coming out of your kitchens.

The following is a list of those discovered restaurant websites that have featured our posts:

Lucky Strike – Portland, OR

Ah Beetz – Abbotsford, BC

Betsy’s Boerewors – Edmonton, AB

Southern Spice – Calgary, AB

Others have noted in various comment boxes that they’ve sent print outs of our posts in the restaurants/stores we have featured.  Always good to hear of these kinds of tidbits, so dear readers if you spot any more, please let us know. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Foodosophy – Restaurants Recognizing Reviews

  1. Very interesting. I never looked at this Blogging from a restaurant’s point of view. Until I saw one of my Blurbs on a restaurant’s page.

    I do not want my blog to be seen as a reviewing food site, but inform Celiacs where to find things to eat without breaking out in hives or such.
    So far so good.

    NO FREEBIES. What am I dong wrong??

  2. Shokutsu: I’m impressed by the consistent stream of posts that you generate – you definitely shouldn’t feel bad that one of your wasn’t on the above list! One of my very few posts is the first one above (Lucky Strike). I think it’s rather interesting that they linked to it, as in many ways it’s not really a favorable post. I talk about dishes being out of balance and not being in sync. My hope is that candor helps the reader put more faith in the positive comments, and for that reason the restaurant is willing to take the criticism along with the praise.

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