Famoso – Edmonton, AB

Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria
1417 99 St NW
Edmonton, AB
(780) 468-0000

O-toro previously wrote about this now five-location strong pizzeria based in Edmonton known as Famoso that is trumpeting some true ingredients that go into a classic Neapolitan pie.  So on my recent visit to the Alberta capital, I knew I had to give it a try myself, as there is no sign of it coming to the west coast any time soon, and I don’t have immediate plans to visit Calgary (where they have one of their five locations).

As it was on the city’s south side and thus closest to the airport that still is way too far for my liking from the city’s downtown core, the South Edmonton Common location was visited for this lunchtime meal.  [I did manage to see the location for the one downtown later during my stay].  It was quite busy for a mid-week day, although I’m sure the pending holidays had something to do with it, but the access to this shopping area wasn’t as bad as it ended up being days later (and of course for Boxing Day).  First impressions were positive.  Bright, clean, with a nice buzz about the place.  The centralized glass display that housed many of the desserts and drinks anchored the room, with the pizza cooks working in the open towards the back where I could also spot the wood burning oven.  Everything fit the “fast casual” claim they spout out in their marketing.

[Please note, for these pictures they were taken of the slices of leftover that I bought home – and shot in the box after they’d been refrigerated and not yet re-heated for a later day snack I had]

For my 11 -inch pizza, I chose the CONFORTO – made up of fresh mozzarella, basil, pecorino romano, roasted red  peppers, roasted mushrooms and Italian sausage.  A good balance and mix of meat and veggies I thought.   Even spread on top and not too chunky and thus not falling off when I folded each piece for eating, the slices were also well weight balanced.  With a thin crust base, I was pleased with how chewy and moist it still was.  I guess I’ve had too many bad pieces of cardboard like pizza over the years to really make me groan when I encounter it again, and so thankfully I didn’t here.  If I have one complaint it would be the base tomato sauce.  Just didn’t feel like it was infused with enough seasoning, herbage for my liking.  Not completely bland but on the weaker side of things.  It had a nice tangy profile though.

Fresh toppings and a chewy-crispy crust were my top takeaways from Famoso.  Certainly better than any other convenience pizza or delivery variety I’ve had over my lifetime.  I guess I’ve yet to really have some pizza that has blown my taste buds away.  Lack of deep knowledge on my part when it comes to pizza, no travel experience to certain places in North America that supposedly has the best and of course abroad to Italy are also my limiting factors.  As not a regular consumer of pizza, when I do have it though, I hope its good and worthwhile as a complete meal.  For that Famoso achieves success in my books and I’d go back for another quick lunch if I lived in E-town.

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4 thoughts on “Famoso – Edmonton, AB

  1. If you like Famoso’s you gotta try Tony’s Pizza Palace its really good. Really close to Famoso’s but the crust isn’t soggy like Famoso’s.

  2. Famoso, as with almost all Neapolitan pizzerias, doesn’t use a “tomato sauce” as you’d find in most other varieties of pizza (Slice has a full list somewhere). It’s just crushed tomatoes and salt.

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