X.O. Vietnamese Style Food – Richmond, BC

X.O. Vietnamese Style Food
Yaohan Centre, 3700 #3 Road
Richmond, BC
(604) 231-9878

The food court in the Yaohan Centre is probably the first time I’ve ever experienced an Asian mall food court in the GVRD, thinking back on it now it probably goes back a good decade or so.  While my memories are somewhat faint, I recall the supermarket there (before the arrival of the T&T’s of the world), as the only place that had those distinctly Asian food products and ingredients all under one roof.  Strangely, I can also remember once upon a time, there being a ramen place in this exact food court and having it there are a youth.

Its pleasing to know this place is still around and seemingly prospering. I usually stick to one side of this area where the fast food chinese stalls are, and the noodle place on the corner.  And thus this time, I thought I’d venture to the opposite end and see if there was anything of interest.  After doing a walk-by of all the spots, passing on some barbecued duck, noodles, etc. the hot pans of simmering curry dishes at X.O. Vietnamese Style Food caught my eye.  Kind of an unusual combination I thought.  Though they did have the typical Vietnamese soup noodle item that I have way too much of these days.

Some pop up plastic signs stood above the glass enclosed counter told me there were some daily specials.  ‘Why not?’ I thought, and went with the first one I saw. A chicken satay served with either rice or noodles, and I opted for the former.  A bunch of blanched bean sprouts was placed on the side as well.

The peanut flavor was predominantly here.  Texturally it had a thicker consistency that was amplified by the chunks of chicken breast meat that were coated within in all.  Unfortunately though, it was rather bland overall.  Just one single taste throughout, nothing overly exciting.  After eating perhaps a quarter of the plate, I was done with it. Just another representation of food court food.  I’m sure there are other, and better, items on their menu, but I fell for the special.

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One thought on “X.O. Vietnamese Style Food – Richmond, BC

  1. this place should be closed now, that the owner i belive in the photos, same guy i saw he used his drinking cup pouring soup into the bowl. it’s sick and im pretty sure its a health hazard.

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