Foodosophy Restaurant Update – December 2010

Hi folks!  Another brief recap and summaries of re-visits to previously written about locations here on foodosophy.  This one has a distinct Burnaby feel to it, so hope you enjoy…

Some other past versions here as well.
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1. Hi Genki (Burnaby, BC)
Original post here

l’ll say it, this out-of-the-way place has easily become quite mainstream and accepted.  The last few times, its been packed for the dinner hours.  All despite the strange setting of being placed within an old folk’s home.  Service is sometimes spotty since they are so busy and its very cafeteria-like still, but I keep coming back.  Flavors remain very homey and comfort food abounds for those who grew up on these classics.  Volumes and portion sizes remain outrageously large, especially the tonkatsu curry.

The other donburi mono certainly are no shrinking violets either.  Ample heapings of steamed white rice underlie all of the key offerings here.  Even the regular tonkatsudon (shown above) and the tendon (pictured below) remain more than enough for a single, hungry man.  Prices remain very reasonable too.  A winner still.

2. Lost in the 50’s Drive-In (Burnaby, BC)
Original post here

This rejuvenated old school joint is now under the care of apparently the last owners who might have let things slide a bit.  New menu offerings, a proud proclamation of using organic beef in their patties, and a stronger bit of attention paid to the milkshakes that are no doubt a hot seller, are some of things I took away from my last visits.

Uncovered here is the mushroom burger.  The patty sure was leaner than I remember last.  Fat content within it certainly is low.  A thinner, healthier option I suppose.  The bun remains nicely toasted and the creamy sauce that accompanying the onions and tomatoes (I passed on the cheese) added other bold flavor touches.  As an aside here, the reported Korean-style tacos that you can get here are only available in the spring/summer months due to the preparation time involved and the downturn in customer volume apparently.  Come back in March and you should see them, according to the proprietor.

3. Cake-ya (Port Moody, BC)
Original post here

This place I first discovered earlier this year is way out of the way for me.  But I decided on a random whim to check it out again, in the hopes I could pick up some items that I missed last time, due to unavailability at the time.  Its funny since I think I came across their main product, the purin, the other day in downtown Vancouver.  And true enough, they do supply that store, albeit with a more proper label on the package.

This time, I was lucky.  As they had a half dozen of their handmade daifuku in the display case.  I picked up a few of them, in hindsight I should have bought them all given how fast they disappeared from my kitchen.  These were excellent, they key being the thin shell that is often too thick with the commercially packaged variety you can buy in places like H-Mart (Coquitlam).  The filling was just the right level of sweetness as well, a mix of some smoother and some more “distinctly bean” parts.  Texturally, they both came together nicely.  I’ll be back to get more.  Hopefully others won’t beat me to the punch.

I couldn’t leave without picking up a half dozen of the purin.  A mix of the original, black sesame, matcha and the royal milk tea flavors.  Not all of them on hand this day, but pretty much all. 🙂  These slowly disappeared from my refrigerator over the next couple of days as well.  Its nice to know I can get some in the Konbiniya store, but there is something about getting them right from where they are made, and even being told to let some of them cool as they were just steamed.  Love it.

4. Potter’s Garden (Burnaby, BC)
Original post here

Hangahri kalbi is what I come here for.  This time though, instead of ordering the 3~4 person set that was too much (but made for great take home uncooked leftovers), we got the two portion order.  This was ample enough and came in at a lower total cost.  Strangely, we thought the doenjang jjigae wasn’t supposed to come with this order, but did (just like it would with the set).  Bonus!  Still well marinated and packed with flavor.  The dipping sauce adding even more juicy goodness to the tender pork meat.  Again, a place I’ll come back to.

2 thoughts on “Foodosophy Restaurant Update – December 2010

  1. Given you have been to Lost in the 50’s again, do you know their schedule? As mentioned in Karl’s post, I have been having problems getting there at nights so I would assume they are open only for lunch or something on those lines. Oh, not even on Saturday, it seems…

    BTW, about Potter’s Garden, I think they still have the “Grand Open” (sic) sign there! 😀

    • As with the downscaled menu, I assume the operating hours are similarly scaled back now that its winter. No idea what they would be though. Only chance is to try and swing by when you can I guess.

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