Genji Japanese Restaurant – Burnaby, BC

Genji Japanese Restaurant
7533 Market Crossing
Burnaby, BC
(604) 433-9710

My first experience dining at this restaurant that is situated in the relatively new commercial shopping area on the southern edge of Burnaby along Marine Way was mixed to say the least.  My brief recap that I’d posted as a regular post on Urbanspoon was as follows:

A newish-looking and spacious interior, perhaps a bit too large as near the entrance its quite barren and when there are few customers, it just feels really cool and library-sih quiet. Had an assortment of roll sushi with a friend who enjoys that kind of thing. Wasn’t horribly bad until our off-the-wall pick of one that had some white sauce. Had a bit of an annoying mix up, mainly due to language barrier with our server, that dragged on much longer than we thought it should as it was an communication mistake (on their part) and though we thought they might ding us on the bill, they didn’t. Not enough shines thru with the sushi to get me to come back.

Now I’m at times a forgiving fellow.  Even when it comes to places to eat that I was less than 100% satisfied.  Part of returning is to be fair, and also to see if things had improved at all.  This time I went solo, as I did not want to burden a dining partner as I had the first time.  For sushi in this part of town, choices are somewhat limited, so Genji Japanese Restaurant has that going for it, for now…

As on my initial visit, the large space was feeling really empty.  A few other tables were occupied, but again it felt like too much floor space for a place of this size and relative busy-ness.  I guess as a plus, there is no crowding even if things were more hectic inside.  A pair of waitresses seemed to be tasked with handling the customers, but strangely part way through my time there, one of them left as if her shift was over.  And it was still early evening hours.  Strange I thought.  Even more so as she was the one who gave me my menu and also had taken my order.

And when it came to what I ate, I wanted something hot and something cold, and was deliberately going to avoid the things I had last time, including the rolls.  And first off the top, this appetizer serving of some ebi tempura, actually impressed me!  A thinner batter, light and crispy and not over cooked nor done it too hot of an oil bath.  Wonderful.  I hope this was not a fluke, as I’d go back for just this.

To round out my meal, I selected a few pieces of nigiri sushi.  I just randomly selected a few without much thought and rattled them off as my server wrote them down.  Or so I thought.  Or maybe it was just an oversight.  But when they came out, it was missing one – the ikura.  She had come and gone so fast that I didn’t have time to note this, as she was the person who ended up leaving mid-shift.  Oh well.  I compensated this, as it still appeared on my final bill, but reducing the tip. 🙂

While not a complete disaster, the nigiri was just so-so in my books in term of quality.   Starting with the visual element, it just didn’t look incredibly appetizing.  Portion cuts was leaning on the generous side I would say, while the shari was comparably small, which was fine with me.  As its been a while since this visit, I can’t really accurately comment further. Frankly, I think any kind of third visit will be one that I will try to forget making too.  Well, let me correct that, I might go back for a big plate of the tempura. 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Genji Japanese Restaurant – Burnaby, BC

  1. This is my usual spot for sushi/Japanese if I’m having that craving – that part of town is horribly sparse for decent restaurants. Mostly I get takeout and have never really had a problem with it; the one time I ate in I noticed similar issues to yours. I’ve never seen it with more than a few tables occupied, but the food is generally pretty good.

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