Osaka Island – Burnaby, BC

Osaka Island Japanese Restaurant
7615/7617 Edmonds Street
Burnaby, BC
(778) 397-8884

In the earlier days of this entity known as foodosophy, I was apt to try out on a whim, many random places for the sake of getting more posts in.  Especially for sushi.  Well, who’s kidding who, I still do it.  Case in point, this lunch time stopover at Osaka Island along Edmonds Street, just off the busy Canada Way corridor.  From the outside, it looked decent and apparently new.  A ‘lunch special’ banner hung above the door as well, and since I was seeking something simple for takeway, this appeared to fit my needs. 

Aside from two other customers, both dining solo, I was the only other person inside.  We were easily outnumbered by the staff.  I counted at least five I could see and seemingly more in the kitchen.  They all seemed to be speaking a south Asian language that I believe is either Lao or Cambodian.  A pretty advanced POP system was installed at the front counter as I perused the menu and gave my take out order.  One of the special sets that would allow me to sample some raw and cooked items.  Given a cup of hot tea to drink while I waited, I scanned around.  Yep, very clean and tidy.  Decorated with an abundance of some very stereotypical paraphernalia that many Canadians assume to be associated with what a “true Japanese restaurant” should have.  But I digress.

With the colder weather, I was happy to fit pop off the lid off this styrofoam cup of miso soup.  An contrary to too many places that served a really meek, diluted version, this one was pretty good.  Though not visible, some small diced up tofu completed the picture.

So what do you see here.  A BC Roll (something I’ve always been curious about and had to try again).  Some chicken karaage, and a small side salad.  The salmon skin had a touch of crispiness to it and some actual meat still clung to it and it was encompassed in a sweet tasting sauce along with some julienned cucumber.  The makeup of the sushi rice was so-so, though didn’t have the biggest sin in being too mushy, which I absolutely cannot tolerate.  The chicken stood up to the time I had to transport it before I ate and didn’t get soggy.  Seasoning was light however, not too salty.  Sometimes I like my wings and deep fried chicken on the salty side, but here the marination was moderate.  For under ten bucks and prepared in a decent amount of time, I came away feeling okay about this place.

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5 thoughts on “Osaka Island – Burnaby, BC

  1. Way to take one for the team, Shoku! I was working in the area recently and scoped them out. Same deal…very few, if any customers. Having had a string of bad meals along the Edmonds corridor, I chickened out. It’s getting real hard to find exceptional lunch spots in Burnaby. They’re out there, just few and far between. Probably I’m getting too picky.

    • Anytime Karl. 🙂 That stretch hasn’t got the best options indeed. Aside from maybe Ly Thai, I can’t think of one that rates positively among most online reviewers.

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