Fourth Street Bar & Grill – San Francisco, CA

Fourth Street Bar & Grill
55 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 442-6734

Why not.  Another quickie post from the road.  Again with a 30 minute or so brief break for something to eat in the midst of a major business event that I was attending, I headed a few blocks away with a travel mate and we stumbled upon this sports bar looking place, known as the Fourth Street Bar & Grill.  It probably knew there would be tens of thousands of code monkeys and propeller heads in the vicinity given the nature of this massive gathering just several streets to the south, and had come up with a bare bones kind of lunch special menu to keep the masses fed, quickly and to allow the kitchen to maintain some semblance of sanity and order.  I think there were five or six deals on the small board at the bar where we placed our orders and paid cash up front.

After grabbing a drink, alas no beer for me though many others around me were partaking in some mid-day suds, I was handed this little cell phone-sized plastic device that would serve as the beckon to let me know when my food was ready.  I like these contraptions, so much better than the chaotic system of calling out orders in a busy food court (like I experienced recently at Crystal Mall in Burnaby, BC) and having no clue if they were talking about yours or someone else, if you could even hear over the buzzing drone of the crowd.  No puzzlement, you know when its your turn to go up, rather than having to hover near a busy counter and peering over the folks around you to see if your meal is next to come up to the pass.

My order was a fairly simplistic grilled chicken burger.  I opted for a side salad instead of a heaping serving of fried french fries (which my friend had), although it was all dressed up already so if you are counting calories, best to ask for it on the side so you can adjust accordingly.  Nice soft sesame seed bun, and the chicken patty itself was decent in thickness.  Not incredibly moist but not dried out like a shoe sole either.  Seasoned just fine enough as well.  No big hurray or sighs here.  After all, its a pub grub kind of presentation and setup.  Time wise, it came out in a decent chunk of time, leaving me feel like I was not getting a pre-heated meal, nor was it taking too long that I’d miss my entire 30 minute window.

As with many restaurants I visit, I headed into this establishment with a fair expectation of what I could get, even if the stop was completely random and none that I’d pre-researched.  In that, I had no complaints with my meal.  It was served quick, in a timely manner, and though I forget the cost, it wasn’t over the top despite its central location (and opportunity to capture a price premium given the event).  I guess I hit more of these kinds of places that I should.  But when I’m busy, constrained by time, I get lazy and its more about convenience.  Hope you can understand and keep reading. 🙂

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