Hogtown Bar and Grill – Toronto, ON

Hogtown Bar and Grill
Level 2, Post-Security, Domestic
Toronto Pearson International Airport
(416) 776-0492

Your truly up in the air again, headed east and also down to the southeast. In other words pretty much as far away from Vancouver and still remaining in the continental US of A. As such, I thought I’d quickly spit out a brief post of a desperation meal I had at our country’s largest and busiest airport while waiting to board a transfer flight. Situated right in the open with seating clearly seen by all the people passing through and mingling near the close by gates, it has its benefits as you can easily know when you plane has arrived and its time to book…

A friendly, one might say overly for an establishment of this level, waiter-type was our lone human interaction. Rattling off a few suggestions, of course dropping in a few of those dreaded “oh, its one of my personal favorites” that seem to spill off the tongues of so many servers these days, my dining mates both got some kind of chicken wrap item, while I opted for this. Supposed to be some kind of breaded chicken breast sandwich. Instead of the accompanying fries, I asked to swap with their soup of the day which was a chili.

I’d say the best part of this entire plate was the crisp, fresh pickle (I love sour food!) and the hearty ground beef chili. The latter being a savory and just right in terms of runniness and consistency that one would ask for in this classic staple of bar food kind of joints. The sandwich was a write off. I won’t even go further.

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2 thoughts on “Hogtown Bar and Grill – Toronto, ON

  1. I am going to quote what you wrote once – coincidentally about Hogtown:

    Airport “restaurants” are usually pretty bad.

    No wonder Timmy’s in Pearson always has a long line: At least people know what to expect.

    • I’m sure there are some good airport-based restaurants out there some place, sadly though, some airline lounges have had better food in my opinion than the places that charge for it not too far away for the masses (without those free perks given to high mileage fliers).

      Timmy’s is outrageously popular all over Canada. Whether that’s a good or bad thing, I’ll leave it to you. 🙂

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