Gyoza King – Vancouver, BC

Gyoza King
1508 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC
(604) 669-8278

Again, as noted in yesterday’s update, my full attention was not paid to this dining experience, as I was there mainly re-hashing old times with a friend that I had not seen in over a decade. Hence this post will be brief. My other visits to this perpetual favorite of Robson Street’s eating scene were a while ago now, so my memories of even past meals are faded. Alas, I guess this means I need to make another trip to Gyoza King in the future and really flush out how I feel about this place.  Foodospher, you coming for a Vancouver visit anytime soon? 🙂

Some other dishes were ordered by the “third wheel” at our table as she was less inclined to want to listen to old stories of our drunken youth, but I only shot this solo shot (with my cell phone to boot) of a ten-plate of genso gyoza, just so I’d have something on the record.  Of course, the cold bottles of Asahi kept flowing.  I must say the thing that first and foremost stands out for me of Gyoza King’s gyoza is how tight the skins are and well packed the inside ingredients are but without bursting at the seams.

Too often, I’ve had bad gyoza that are leaking or plain soggy and limp, perhaps using too much water in the steaming portion of the cooking process.  So I’d really like to see how these are pan fried.  Juicy, full of flavor and the right requisite dipping sauce makes this a simple but excellently executed dish.  No wonder its their signature item.  I’m real interested in trying their shrimp varieties as I’ve heard great things about those as well.

I’m finding the later the night goes, the crowds here seem to be sparser.  So I think its better to visit later rather than earlier, as it seems Gyoza King gets its main fans in the early evening before they venture off to other places (perhaps on an izakaya crawl along Robson?).  With not a whole lot of space, this makes the timing of your visit crucial, otherwise you’ll be in for a wait…

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