Bubba’s Bayou City Grill – Houston, TX

Bubba’s Bayou City Grill
IAH Airport, 2800 N Terminal Rd
Houston, TX
(281) 230-3100

Having just finished watching an hour long television interview featuring George W. Bush, I thought it would be fitting to upload a short post from a recent stop over at Houston’s second airport, better known as George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IATA code: IAH), which is named after his father.  The facility is one of the busiest in the nation, ranking in the top ten in terms of overall passenger traffic and destination servicing.  Being a first time traveler through IAH, I was surprised that is was laid out in a very simple way, making some time killing an easy activity, as each of the major terminals were within decent reach.  Fortunately, my connecting flight was within the same terminal area, and I came back after some strolling and book shopping, to find a spot for lunch near by next gate.

Where I ended up had a mix of options.  One was more of a cafeteria-style enterprise, that had an intriguing barbecue section.  But trying to limit my first ever Texas barbecue experience to something more impressive, I turned my back to that place and into my field of view came Bubba’s Bayou City Grill.  As it was Sunday afternoon, a full slate of NFL games were on the big screens inside and after a quick glance at their lunch offerings that had actual dishes wrapped in plastic and set outside on the table, it was an easy pick.  I wanted to watch the games and be able to sit down and spent about 45 minutes before my next boarding time.

Yes, another plate of cajun-grilled white fish (think this was similar to tilapia, but I’ve forgotten the exact name), some steamed veg, and some flavored long grain rice.  Some beans on the side completed my plate.  With some spicy, hearty cajun seasoning, the fish was nicely flavored and made me think I should try this at home – I guess its just not a combination I’ve ever really considered on my own.  The rice was tasty as well, as I’m expanding my eating barriers to other than plain old steamed white rice.  The rest was pretty average.  As an eye opener in terms of possibly in-home culinary options, this was a nice thing to try out, was conveniently located for my flight and plenty of screens showing football.  Only one thing ruined it for me, I was not able to order a beer (my choice).  Other than that, it would have been a pleasant airport lunch.

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