Kafé Kalik – Orlando, FL

Kafé Kalik
4969 International Drive
Orlando, FL
(407) 248-0889

A short reprieve from the business at hand led me and a partner to hit one of the larger outlet shopping malls in this wildly spaced out city.  As such, some quick shopping was our main focus and grabbing a quick meal before we had to return elsewhere wearing uncomfortable business attire under the sunny skies was secondary.  Out of pure convenience, we popped into Kafé Kalik, who’s signage claimed they were a “taste of the Bahamas”.  While I have never been to the Caribbean, my Spanish speaking pal has many times so I had to twist his arm to join me – while we both knew we were likely in for some underwhelming wannabe-ethnic cuisine.

Our suspicious were confirmed as once we were seated in a very empty dining hall near the bar side, I spotted a connecting sushi bar that was tied to the business.  I think in spite, my dining buddy actually ordered a sushi roll as his main meal.  With this Japanese and Caribbean fused sushi roll menu that included things like tempura conch, and curried tuna among them, it kind of reminded me of the eclectic mix at The Lions Den Cafe.   I won’t even go there as I’m not sure it deserves any comment.  Our server was a cheery and quite outgoing Latina woman, who was overly interested in pushing the special items on the lunch menu.  I hardly paid attention as the first mention was some kind of trio of  mini burgers.  Not exactly unique.

Given the ample crowds outside, I was a bit taken back by how lonely it was inside.  A few other tables on the other side were occupied, but for the entire hour we were there, nobody else came in despite it just being after 1pm.  Though in their defense, I did see some people on the patio tables outside in the heat.

Lately, I’ve been on a serious fish kick, and this Nassau “Smuddered” Grouper Filet dish caught my eye.  Our waitresses even squealed with delight when I said that’s what I was having – and she even commented its one of her favorites here.  Sure, sure, I’m sure she says that to all the boys.  It came served in this lovely thick cast iron pot, seared and entirely covered with savory peppers, tomatoes, and seasoned with a mix of fresh thyme sprigs and lime.  A bed of  peas and rice was hidden underneath and provided more substance to this hearty dish.

Overall, the base flavor that came through in the sauce was the tomato.  It wasn’t particularly salty nor sweet.  I’d say on the blander side in fact.  The rice was slightly chalky but this was masked somewhat by the sauce.  Otherwise I think I wouldn’t have finished as much of this as I ended up doing.  The fish you say?  Well given it was smothered, I couldn’t really honestly get a sense of the flavor of the meat itself on its own.  In reality, it could have been something like tilapia, and I would not have known the difference.

Random lunches.  We all do them.  Results are invariably mixed.  You’ve been warned…

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