The Grove Yerba Buena – San Francisco, CA

The Grove Yerba Buena
690 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA
(415) 957-0558

Unfortunately I did not bother to shoot a photo of the exterior of The Grove’s outlet in Yerba Buena, so this below capture from Google Street View that shows the location before they set up shop was the best I could do.  Suffice it to say, its easy to find being just three blocks from the Montgomery Street BART station, and just a block from the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.  Next door is a coffee house and the general area is populated by numerous large hotel chains for the business and leisure traveler.  After overpaying for some ridiculously priced hotel breakfast the previous day, we opted to drag our overworked behinds out onto the streets and by sure luck we found this place where things were more relaxed, both in terms of atmosphere and prices.

Something about the west coast lifestyle that pervades in this beautiful city must have impregnated itself in my mind for breakfast, as I was on the hunt for something nutritious and light.  Coupled with a smooth tasting Americano, my order ended up being a simple plate of fresh ingredients,  highlighted by two small poached eggs, two thick slices of grilled zucchini, and tomato bruschetta.  Given the backup in the kitchen, a number sign was given to me and it was brought out to my table by a server in a few minutes time.

Some slightly dried out strips of basil were sprinkled all over and the zucchini seemed to have been pre-grilled and thus were colder to the touch than one would expect if they came off the hot grill.  It all came and worked together on the plate for me though and fit what I was looking for this early morning.  Seasoning was light as well, which is appreciated as I’m not a fan of a cook with a heavy hand on the salt shaker and prefer to do it myself if given the choice at breakfast.   Apparently I was not the only one, as the place was busy and a steady line was formed at the order queue throughout our entire stay.  With a cozy interior, I could see why people didn’t mind this as a dine-in spot, despite how busy our mornings usually are.   As a healthy alternative to the heavier breakfast meals to be had at the hotels, The Grove ended up being a place we returned to for breakfast and lunch during our stay in the area.

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