Sushi Bang – Vancouver, BC

Sushi Bang
500 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
(604) 875-0131

Normally, I would just dump the poor pics shot with my cell phone and not even comment on an unforgettable meal like this and deny it in my mind that it ever even happened, but I just had to share this unique experience with our readers. I’m sure you’ve read online on other food blog sites, of the growing “taking photos in restaurants” issue that occurred with the burgeoning crowds of people interested in documenting their eating experiences on the internet and the proliferation of affordable digital cameras. I have heard opinions on both sides of the debate and concur and disagree with many of them, such as “its distracting to other diners”, “it steals the chef’s art”, etc. Honestly, everyone has an opinion on the subject and in the end, the proprietor certainly has the right to set the rules in their establishment as they please. It might be heavy handed or draconian in some cases, but as long as its under their roof (owned or leased), I figure they have a right to tell me their guidelines when it comes to photographing food, though I am sure there are those who say that if its the customer who is paying, they should own the privilege. I won’t digress further, but you are free to comment on it if you so desire…

But in this case at Sushi Bang, that I dropped into for a simple take away meal after spending the day on the beach volleyball courts at Kits, the “reason” I got from the waitress who ordered me to stop taking photos – that I was doing very casually since I was waiting for my order and frankly had nothing better to do – just perplexed me. While checking some text messages and lying my phone on the table, I angled it upwards to snap a shot of the wall facing me. Figured I could use an interior shot if I ever decided to post about this, which was quite low in terms of possibility given the quality of the offering here. Its no place that readers need to bother with frankly, as its so run-of-the-mill and the kind of the place you can find just about anywhere in Vancouver. When suddenly, I heard a strong voice from the side, coming from a female waitress saying I had to stop taking photos. I’m surprised she even saw me doing it, as I wasn’t even looking at my screen and was actually aiming blind up at the wall. She must have had her eye on me for some reason, which I guess makes sense as I was the only customer this early summer evening.

Stunned, both by being seen snapping a shot and curious to know why, I inquired.  She said, and hold the giggles now folks, “because they are secret prizes“.


As I was trying to hold back laughter cause frankly there was nothing extraordinary from what I was seeing on the sheets of white paper, I stopped my interrogation right then and there.  Minutes later, I got my order to go while still shaking my head in wonder. If anyone knows or ever finds out the mystery chase behind these deep dark hidden treasures and the magic behind their numbering system – some kind of lottery perhaps, or a blind ordering system where you can get more food for your payment based on luck? – please let us know.

If it were not for the more healthier eating kick I began that week, I would have gone next door for the poutine as this chirashidon that I asked for, was average, average, average and tiny to say the least.  Bang, bang, I was dead.

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10 thoughts on “Sushi Bang – Vancouver, BC

  1. Just a spontaneous theory that came upon me when reading this post; out of all the times that you have been asked not to take photos of the restaurant/food, has it been that usually this occurs at a restaurant where the food is more on the average/not so good side of the spectrum? I was just thinking that it would be these crappier restaurants that would try to avoid being written about because they know that their offerings are less than stellar, whereas the restaurants that know they are serving exceptional quality food would embrace more publicity.

    • A good point you raise there nic. I should have explained further that this is the ONLY time in my life (or at least in the time frame that I’ve been contributing to this blog and required taking photos of my meals) that this has happened – hence the big surprise when it happened. But I can see the opposite of your theory being true as well – as it seems the more popular/upscale places can be those that are more sensitive to people doing this (for that a fore mentioned “preserving the chef’s right to their art” argument). I’m sure others can weigh in, especially those that have been interrupted in this manner by service staff.

  2. I guess sometimes it can be an opposite too. The restaurant sees you taking pictures and treats you extra nice thinking that you’re a food blogger.

    • I’m sure that happens too. Fortunately (or unfortunately, however you look at it), I’ve never had that as I’m pretty quick and covert with my table top shots. 🙂 I’d hate for that to have any bearing on the food/service one gets, but guess you can’t blame places that pick this up and try it anyways…

  3. Well, it was doomed to happen, right? 🙂

    I do agree with what has been mentioned, unless there is a real reason, i.e., bothering other customers (specially true when flash is used), causing a raucous and so on, this ought to be a non-issue. But, as you mentioned, it is their shop and they have rights to stop you. If I am really determined, I just order take out. After all, once I leave their premises…

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